Chicago Police DepartmentSpecial Order S11-03-03
Firearms Practice Program
Issue Date:23 October 2006Effective Date:23 October 2006
Index Category:Training
This directive:
  • A.introduces the Department firearms practice program.
  • B.informs members of the procedure to participate in the firearms practice program.
  • C.establishes guidelines to maximize benefits to Department members who elect to improve their firearm proficiency.
II.General Information
  • A.The Department is committed to providing members with the opportunity to improve their firearm skills using Department facilities and Department resources.
  • B.The Education and Training Division range is available from 0800-1600 hours each Saturday. The Education and Training Division may also be available on the first watch from 2200-0600 hours. Members are advised to call and verify availability on the first watch before proceeding to the range.
  • C.All other Department ranges will be open for the firearms practice program on the 2nd and 3rd watches. However, due to ongoing in-service training and annual qualification programs, members are advised to call the range they wish to shoot at and check on availability.
  • A.Department members will be required to bring their soft body armor with them while using Department ranges for the firearms practice program and are encouraged to bring their own eye and ear protection. The practice program will be conducted on a voluntary basis. Compensatory time or overtime pay will not be granted to Department members for participating in this program.
  • B.Upon arrival at the range, members will report to the range officer and sign in.
Philip J. Cline
Superintendent of Police
06-182 KD/SM(PMD)[LBM]