Chicago Police DepartmentSpecial Order S11-03-02
Shotgun Certification
Issue Date:13 July 2010Effective Date:13 July 2010
Index Category:Training
This directive:
  • A.establishes the in-service Shotgun Certification Program for select Department members.
  • B.delineates the responsibilities of Department members for the Shotgun Certification Program.
II.Eligible Department Members
  • A.Members from select units and all districts will participate in the Shotgun Certification Program.
  • B.The list of eligible unit participants will be announced by the Firearms Training Unit, Education and Training Division, as designated by the Assistant Deputy Superintendent (ADS), Education and Training Division.
  • C.Sworn members not included on the eligibility list who can articulate a need for shotgun certification relative to their duty assignment, may request participation in the program via a To-From-Subject report through their chain of command to the ADS, Education and Training Division, who has final authority to approve attendance in the program. If approved, requesting members will be contacted by the Firearms Training Unit to schedule their participation in the program.
III.Program Description
  • A.The Firearms Training Unit will conduct the Shotgun Certification Program and will develop the training and instruction curriculum.
  • B.The Shotgun Certification Program will consist of one tour of duty.
    • 1.Training sessions will be limited to a number of participants as designated by the Firearms Training Unit.
    • 2.Training dates, times, locations, and participating units will be announced by the Firearms Training Unit.
    • 3.The tour of duty for scheduled members will begin one hour prior to the training session to accommodate travel time to the range and the required check-in fifteen minutes prior to the start of each session.
    • 4.Members will not be permitted to participate if:
      • a.they arrive without the proper equipment (including shotgun),
      • b.they are assigned to a unit not approved to participate, or
      • c.their unit has scheduled more persons than allotted for the training session.
    • 5.It is the responsibility of a scheduled member to report an inability to attend a session to his or her respective unit of assignment so that a substitute member can be assigned.
IV.Program Requirements
  • A.Members participating in the Shotgun Certification Program are required to bring the following equipment, which is NOT supplied by the Department:
    • 1.eye and ear protection;
    • 2.soft body armor;
      Participants will wear soft body armor during the range portion of the certification.
    • necessary to shoot in any weather condition (jackets, rain gear, sun screen, etc.);
    • cap; and
    • and drink (sack lunch).
      Members attending the Shotgun Certification Program may not be released from the training site for the meal period due to time constraints and are advised that food and water might not be readily available.
  • B.Units will provide each member scheduled to attend the Shotgun Certification Program with a Department-issued:
    • 1.warrant team vest, and
    • 2.shotgun assigned and stored in their respective unit.
      Members who arrive at the range without a shotgun will not be allowed to participate in the training.
  • C.Department members issued a shotgun will be responsible for its security, proper care, and transportation to and from the training site.
  • D.Shotguns used for the certification program will be issued, secured, and transported in accordance with the Department directive entitled "Department Approved Weapons and Ammunition."
    While being transported, the shotgun will be unloaded with the action open and the safety placed in the "safe" position.
  • E.If a shotgun becomes damaged, malfunctions, or is lost or stolen during a certification session, the member issued the shotgun will notify his or her unit commanding officer and the Department Armorer in accordance with the Department directive entitled "Department Approved Weapons and Ammunition."
  • F.If a Department shotgun is needed during the period of time that the unit shotguns are being used for certification purposes, a shotgun will be procured from the nearest available Department unit with shotguns in storage.
  • G.If a member fails to qualify, the member will not be scheduled to attend another session without a written request from the member's unit commanding officer. This request will be made through their chain of command to the Assistant Deputy Superintendent, Education and Training Division.
V.Unit Commanding Officer Responsibilities
During the Shotgun Certification Program, unit commanding officers will ensure:
  • A.that they do not assign a member of their command for shotgun certification if for any reason that member:
    • unable to shoot a shotgun (e.g., medical condition), or
    • 2.does not have a need or the ability to deploy a shotgun as part of his or her duty assignment and responsibilities.
  • B.that the current supply of 12 gauge shotgun ammunition, maintained at their units of assignment, is brought to the certification session until the supply is depleted. Members attending the certification sessions will be issued new shotgun ammunition to replenish the unit supply.
    Members will not bring newly issued shotgun ammunition to the Shotgun Certification Program.
  • C.that designated personnel are scheduled and attend.
    Unit commanders will be notified via deficiency reports of training sessions not attended by members of their unit.
  • D.that, to the extent possible, members are scheduled to attend certification sessions during regularly scheduled tours of duty.
  • E.that shotgun use is rotated so that all the shotguns assigned to a particular unit are used for the certification program.
  • F.that the appropriate investigation is initiated for incidents involving the theft, loss, malfunction, or damage of a shotgun.
VI.Record Keeping
The Assistant Deputy Superintendent, Education and Training Division, will ensure training records are entered into the CLEAR system for Department members who have successfully completed the Shotgun Certification Program.
Authenticated by:
Jody P. Weis
Superintendent of Police
T10-073 SB