Chicago Police DepartmentSpecial Order S12-03
Professional / Criminal Justice Related Organizations
Issue Date:04 October 1988Effective Date:05 October 1988
Index Category:Outside Organizations
This directive continues procedures designed to facilitate communication on the part of Department members who hold office in or act as liaison with professional or criminal justice related organizations.
  • A.The Chicago Police Department recognizes the benefits of professional organization membership and encourage participation by Department members in groups which promote the improvement of the criminal justice system.
  • B.Members will not present themselves as official representatives of the Department unless authorized to do so by the Superintendent of Police.
  • C.Members will not issue statements that may be construed as being official Department policy unless such policy appears in Department-level directives.
  • D.A member who intends to voluntarily appear before any federal, state or local governmental commission, committee, panel, council or other entity regarding a criminal justice related issue and who will identify himself as a Department member will submit a written report directly to the Superintendent of Police at least three (3) business days before such appearance. The report will reflect:
    • 1.the name of the governmental entity before which the appearance is to be made.
    • 2.the date of the appearance.
    • 3.a summary of the proposed statement/testimony to be given.
  • A.A Department member who serves on a professional / criminal justice related organization, board, committee, or council as a director, officer or in a policy-making or advisory capacity, whether on an elected or appointed basis, regardless of the duration of the term, will submit a written report directly to the Superintendent of Police. The report will reflect the name of the organization, the members position, function and term of office within the group.
  • B.A Department member whose participation is solely that of a member in a professional / criminal justice related organization need not submit a report as required by Item III-A of this directive.
LeRoy Martin
Superintendent of Police
87-111 JGG(AJB)