Chicago Police DepartmentSpecial Order S04-05
Missing/Found Persons
Issue Date:23 February 2012Effective Date:23 February 2012
Rescinds:Version dated 15 July 1998; G98-05
Index Category:Preliminary Investigations
This directive provides general information for missing and located persons. Department members will refer to the General Order titled "Missing/Found Persons" for policies and procedures for the investigation of missing or found persons .
II.General Information - Missing Persons
  • A.When the Office of Emergency Management and Communications (OEMC) receives a request for police service regarding a missing person, the OEMC personnel will:
    • 1.inquire whether the missing person is an adult . If the missing person is adult and is a "high risk " subject, a district field unit will be dispatched to conduct the preliminary investigation.
    • 2.If there are no circumstances which would warrant the immediate dispatch of a district field unit, the caller/complainant will be instructed to proceed to a district facility to complete a report. Exceptions will be made if conditions exist which make it difficult for the complainant to do so (e.g. children, disability, etc.).
      If the OEMC determines that the missing person is a juvenile, a district field unit will be dispatched to conduct the preliminary investigation.
    • 3.ensure that the Youth Investigations Division, Missing Persons Section is notified of any Immediate Emergency Plans that are implemented.
    • 4.determine if the caller/complainant is reporting that a missing person has been located /returned. If so, the complainant will be informed to call the Missing Persons Section of the Youth Investigations Division.
      If the located/returned person was the victim or perpetrator of a crime, or a tender age child, then a district field unit will be dispatched to conduct the preliminary investigation.
  • B.The Youth Investigations Division is responsible for the follow-up investigation of missing/found persons. When notified of a missing/found person, Youth Investigations Division area personnel will:
    • 1.assign an investigator to conduct a complete and thorough follow-up investigation in accordance with Youth Investigations Division directives.
    • 2.notify the Missing Persons Section if a missing subject is located or returns. The investigator will complete and submit a Missing Persons Supplementary Report.
    • 3.submit periodic Missing Persons Supplementary Reports for cases in which a missing person has not returned.
  • C.Youth Investigations Division, Missing Persons Section personnel will notify the appropriate district station supervisor(s) of the return of any "high risk " or newsworthy missing persons.
III.Located Persons
  • A.Members who are notified of a person who has been reported missing and is subsequently located will:
    • 1.ensure that the Youth Investigations Division, Missing Persons Section has been notified of the return, and
    • 2.complete a Supplementary Report (CPD 11.411-A&B) to the original Missing/Found Person Case Report only in instances where documentation of additional information regarding the circumstances of the return is needed.
      A located person is not considered to be a found person . A Missing/Found Person Case Report will not be used as a supplementary report.
  • B.The location of the person must be verified to complete the investigation.
  • C.The member who discovers the person's location is responsible for notifying the complainant that the missing subject has been located.
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Authenticated by: RMJ
Garry F. McCarthy
Superintendent of Police
97-072 / 12-003 GHY/SB
1. -
An individual of any age who is found and not cognizant of his or her whereabouts and cannot make contact with a responsible person having a concern for his or her welfare. This includes persons who, due to a weakened or impaired physical or mental condition, are unable to contact a responsible person having a concern for their well being.
2. -
Any person twenty-one years of age or older whose:
  • A.Whereabouts are unknown by close family members, friends, or associates; and,
  • B.Absence is unaccounted for and unusual circumstances exist surrounding the absence.
    The Intergovernmental Missing Child Recovery Act of 1984 requires that a report be taken for missing persons under 21 years of age. Department members will complete a Missing/Found Person case report for all missing persons under 21 years of age.
3. -
  • A.Missing Tender-Age Child: Any child under the age of ten whose whereabouts are unknown by a person having the responsibility for his or her welfare.
  • B.Disabled Missing: A missing person who, due to a mental and/or physical disability or senility, is an immediate danger to himself or herself or others if not located.
  • C.High-Risk Missing: As defined in the Missing Person Identification Act (50 ILCS 722/5) as a person whose whereabouts are not currently known and whose circumstances indicate that the person may be at risk of injury or death.
  • D.Catastrophe Victim: A person who cannot be located and is presumed to be injured, killed, or displaced as a result of a catastrophe.
  • E.Elderly Missing: Any missing person sixty-five years of age or older.
4. -
The Intergovernmental Missing Child Recovery Act of 1984 (325 ILCS 40/1) defines a "Missing Child" as any person under 21 years of age whose whereabouts are unknown to his or her parents or legal guardians.
5. -
Any person previously reported missing whose whereabouts are verified.
1.S04-05-01 - AMBER Alert Notification Plan