Chicago Police DepartmentEmployee Resource E07-06
Pre-Retirement Planning Seminar
Issue Date:09 February 2007Effective Date:13 February 2007
Index Category:Benefits
This directive informs members that the Department conducts an on-going series of Pre-Retirement Planning Seminars for sworn personnel approaching retirement age and their spouses or registered domestic partners.
II.General Information
  • A.The seminars are conducted four (4) times per year. The seminars are typically scheduled mid-week during the last half of the month in March, May, July, and October.
  • B.Each seminar addresses topics such as continuation of health benefits, credit union benefits, deferred compensation, financial planning, professional counseling service, pension benefits, social security benefits, and the legal aspects of retirement.
III.Eligibility Requirements
  • A.To be eligible to register for a Pre-Retirement Planning Seminar, members must:
    • 1.have at least fifteen (15) years of career service as a sworn member with the Chicago Police Department, or
    • 2.reach sixty (60) years of age or older regardless of years of career service as sworn member with the Chicago Police Department.
  • B.To ensure that as many members as possible have the opportunity to attend a Pre-Retirement Planning Seminar, members will only be allowed to attend one seminar every four (4) calendar years.
IV.Application Procedures
  • A.Registration for the Pre-Retirement Planning Seminar is now available on the Department’s intranet. Department members who elect to register for the Pre-Retirement Planning Seminar and meet the requirements outlined in Item III of this directive will:
    • 1.access the “Bureau Sites” page via the Department’s intranet services home page,
    • the “Human Resources Division” link located under the Bureau of Administrative Services heading,
    • the “Employment Services Section” link,
    • the “Pre-Retirement Registration” link,
    • 5.enter his or her PC number and star number in the required form fields.
      A printable confirmation page will be displayed after the member has successfully registered.
  • B.A confirmation letter / form will be mailed to the applicant’s unit of assignment / detail approximately four (4) weeks prior to the date of the seminar. Members must confirm their attendance for the seminar by completing and returning the confirmation letter / form to the Human Resources Division no later than the date indicated on the letter / form.
    Members must complete the confirmation letter / form and return it to the Human Resources Division by the indicated date, including if the seminar date coincides with their regular day off (RDO) or a furlough day. Under no circumstances will a member be scheduled to attend the Pre-Retirement Planning Seminar if the confirmation letter / form is not received by the Human Resources Division by the indicated date.
  • C.An Administrative Message Facsimile Network (AMFN) message indicating the members who are scheduled to attend the seminar will be sent to all units approximately two (2) days prior to the seminar.
V.Additional Information
  • A.Attendance at a Pre-Retirement Planning Seminar is strictly voluntary.
  • B.Overtime will not be granted for members attending a Pre-Retirement Planning Seminar.
  • C.Members who attend a Pre-Retirement Planning Seminar may be carried code 047 when the seminar occurs on their normal working day.
    The member’s unit of assignment has the final determination to assign the member’s attendance code for the day the member attends the Pre-Retirement Planning Seminar.
  • D.Questions regarding the Pre-Retirement Planning Seminars can be directed to the Human Resources Division.
Philip J. Cline
Superintendent of Police
07-002 MAV[PMD]