Chicago Police DepartmentEmployee Resource E05-06
Assignment to D-2, D-2A, and D-3 Positions
Issue Date:12 January 2018Effective Date:12 January 2018
Rescinds:03 April 2014 version
Index Category:Career Development
This directive informs sworn members below the rank of sergeant that eligibility requirements and selection procedures for D-2, D-2A, and D-3 positions will be announced at the time applications are being accepted for those particular positions.
The Superintendent of Police will have final approval on all D-2, D-2A, and D-3 assignments.
    The following are D-2 assignments for Police Officer Assigned as:
    • 1.Canine Handler
    • 2.Explosive Detection Canine Handler
    • 3.Evidence Technician
    • 4.Field Training Officer
    • 5.Fingerprint Examiner
    • 6.Helicopter Pilot
    • 7.Marine Unit Officer
    • 8.Mounted Unit Officer
    • 9.Police Agent
    • 10.Police Technician
    • 11.Traffic Specialist
    A Police Officer Assigned as Detective is a D-2A assignment.
    The following are D-3 assignments for Police Officer Assigned as:
    • 1.Legal Officer I
    • 2.Supervisor of Substance Abuse Counselor
    • 3.Explosives Technician I
    • 4.Security Specialist
    • 5.Supervising Latent Print Examiner
    • 6.Forensic Investigator I
    • 7.Firearm Identification Technician I
III.Eligibility / Selection Procedure
  • A.The eligibility requirements and the selection process will be used in determining successful applicants to be appointed to D-2, D-2A and D-3 positions. The application process will be announced by the Human Resource Division when applications are being accepted.
  • B.Applicants must be sworn members below the rank of sergeant who are physically able to perform the tasks required at the time of appointment.
  • C.Some appointments may require an applicant to be placed on an eligibility list and selected as vacancies become available.
  • D.The Department reserves the right to fill 20% of the recognized vacancies for all D-2, D-2A, and D-3 positions at its discretion without regard to seniority or rank score, provided that the position is filled by a candidate on the respective eligibility list.
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Eddie T. Johnson
Superintendent of Police
18-002 SB
1.E05-06-01 - Removal Process for D-2, D-2A, and D-3 Positions