Chicago Police DepartmentEmployee Resource E04-03
Watch Personnel System
Issue Date:06 March 2014Effective Date:06 March 2014
Rescinds:13 March 2004 Version
Index Category:Assignments and Details
This directive:
  • A.describes the automated Watch Personnel System, a part of the Office Automation application.
  • B.establishes responsibilities and procedures for the:
    • 1.recording and updating of information in the Watch Personnel System.
    • 2.maintenance of system security and access to the Watch Personnel System.
II.Description of System
  • A.The Watch Personnel System is the designated personnel program to be used to maintain information on assigned and detailed unit personnel, sworn and civilian.
  • B.The Watch Personnel System contains unit member's personal information and other information related to their employment with the Department, such as furlough assignments, court key, day off group, and other similar types of information.
  • C.The Watch Personnel System can be queried by last name, star number, employee number, PC Logon identification number, title code, or in alphabetical order by unit. Using available software, reports can be written that include star number rosters, alpha rosters, address/telephone rosters, seniority rosters, and other similar attributes.
III.Responsibilities for Institution / Maintenance of the Watch Personnel System
  • A.District commanders and unit commanding officers will:
    • 1.designate a member or members who will enter applicable watch or unit personnel information into the Watch Personnel System on a timely basis. In the Bureau of Patrol, the responsibility for this task will lie with the district or unit secretaries and the secretaries to the deputy chiefs.
    • 2.ensure that the information fields listed in the Watch Personnel System are populated and updated to the fullest extent possible. Designated unit personnel can access all information contained in the bottom box of the screen; changes to information contained in the upper box of the screen must be directed to the Human Resources Division.
    • 3.upon discovery of the maintenance or use of unauthorized personnel programs or databases, order their removal from Department-issued computers.
  • B.Unit commanding officers will ensure that a brief but appropriate description of the assignments of all personnel under their command is generated and made available to the member(s) designated to maintain the Watch Personnel System to be used in the "Nature of Assignment" Field.
IV.Entering of Information into the Watch Personnel System
  • A.Members designated in Item III-A-1 of this directive will maintain and update watch or unit personnel information whenever changes occur or, minimally, on the first day of each police period.
  • B.The Unit Commanding Officer will ensure appropriate fields are populated and maintained in accordance with the Watch Quick Guide available on the Department intranet home page.
V.Related Procedures
  • A.All units will continue to:
    • 1.maintain a Personnel Card (CPD-11.601) for each assigned or detailed sworn and civilian member that depicts personal data (e.g., home address, telephone number, district of residence, or change in the Police Training and Special Qualifications section).
    • 2.for probationary police officers and other new arrivals to the unit, verify that all relevant data from the Personnel Card or gathered during the unit orientation is entered into the Watch Personnel System.
    • 3.ensure that sections of the Personnel Card that list information of a work-related nature, (e.g., firearms and equipment, performance ratings, awards, commendations, and citations) are current.
    • 4.forward the Personnel Card to a member's new unit of assignment when the member is transferred.
    • 5.forward the Personnel Card to the Human Resources Division for insertion in a members personnel jacket when the member is terminated or will be absent from duty for longer than thirty days due to suspension or leave of absence.
  • B.All Department reports and copies thereof pertaining to unit personnel will be retained in accordance with the Forms Retention Schedule. Reports that have reached their retention period will be boxed, marked, and moved to a records storage room pending destruction as described in the Department directive entitled "Records Management." Reports will not be retained beyond their authorized retention.
(Items indicated by italics/double underline were revised.)
Garry F. McCarthy
Superintendent of Police
12-114 PMD