Chicago Police DepartmentUniform and Property U01-05
Acquisition and Maintenance of Computer Information Systems or Hardware
Issue Date:10 September 1998Effective Date:11 September 1998
Index Category:Department Equipment
This directive:
  • A.informs members of procedures for the acquisition and maintenance of computer information systems.
  • B.establishes responsibilities of Department units for the acquisition, installation, maintenance, and disposal of computer systems.
  • A.Unit commanders will:
    • 1.submit a request through the chain of command to the Deputy Superintendent, Bureau of Administrative Services, Attention: Managing Deputy Director, Public Safety Information Technology when their unit seeks to acquire hardware or acquire / install software. This request will contain a detailed justification for the request including, but not limited to:
      • a.a description of the tasks the unit wants performed;
      • b.the name of a member who will act as project coordinator and liaison between the requesting unit and the Public Safety Information Technology; and
      • c.a specific funding source or funding request (i.e., unit budget request, expansion budget request, private donation, etc.).
        Members are reminded that they are not to personally solicit contributions of any kind as prescribed in the Departments Rules and Regulations.
    • 2.ensure that the Managing Deputy Director, Public Safety Information Technology is notified by a To-From-Subject report prior to the delivery of any computer equipment, including donated equipment, directly to the unit from a source other than Public Safety Information Technology. Provisions will be made to have an inventory number assigned and ensure that the Commanding Officer, Equipment and Supply Section is notified of the acquisition.
    • 3.ensure that any equipment received is included on the unit's Inventory Control Record (DPOL 8794-01).
    • 4.ensure that any computer hardware / system replaced by a newer item / system is immediately returned to Public Safety Information Technology. The equipment / system will be evaluated for possible redistribution and will not be retained by the original unit unless a special request for retention is approved by the Managing Deputy Director, Public Safety Information Technology. The justification for retention of the old system should be included in the initial request submitted for the new computer hardware / system.
  • B.Public Safety Information Technology will:
    • 1.evaluate each request for computer information systems, hardware, and/or software to determine if it is consistent with the Department's information systems strategy as defined by the Information Systems Development Group (ISDG).
    • 2.assign a project number for each systems request, identify an analyst to evaluate the request, and create a system plan, if appropriate.
    • 3.determine the system requirements upon approval of the system plan by consulting with the requesting unit.
    • 4.identify Department authorized hardware and software.
    • 5.notify the Department of Streets and Sanitation, Bureau of Electricity of electric and network cabling requests.
    • 6.ensure that the equipment is purchased when funding becomes available.
    • 7.conduct periodic audits of unit computer systems to identify any unauthorized computer software and/or hardware.
    • 8.if delivery of hardware and/or software is shipped directly from a vendor:
      • a.assign a CPD inventory number for all hardware.
      • b.install all hardware and software.
      • c.notify the Equipment and Supply Section of the newly issued inventory number and of the equipments location.
        At the discretion of Public Safety Information Technology, other installation arrangements may be made.
    • 9.assist the Education and Training Division in developing schedules for start-up training for selected members of a unit when a new computer information system, hardware, or software is installed.
    • 10.provide operating manuals, if requested, to each unit.
    • 11.coordinate the acquisition and/or use of outside consultants when necessary.
III.Donated Computer Equipment
  • A.New or used computer information systems, hardware, software or equipment donated to any Department unit must first be approved by Public Safety Information Technology to ensure compatibility with existing systems prior to acquisition. Public Safety Information Technology will be contacted for direction and approval.
  • B.Public Safety Information Technology will forward a written report to the Commanding Officer, Equipment and Supply Section, indicating whether the computer equipment is compatible or incompatible with other Department systems. If incompatible, the report will also state whether the system is approved or disapproved.
  • C.Donated computer systems currently being used must be inspected and approved or disapproved by Public Safety Information Technology.
    If the computer system is disapproved, it will be the responsibility of the unit commander / commanding officer to ensure it is disposed of as outlined in this directive.
  • D.All computers in Department facilities must have a CPD inventory number and are the sole property of the Department, even if they are donated or purchased with funds donated to the Department. They will be used by Department members to conduct Department business only.
  • E.The Office of Legal Affairs will be contacted to draft a Donation Agreement between the donor and the Department. Computer equipment will not be accepted without a signed Donation Agreement.
IV.Equipment Maintenance
  • A.Unit commanding officers will ensure that:
    • 1.original system and software disks are kept in a secure location. Operating manuals for the software and system in the units possession are to be made available to members and placed in a secure location when not in use. Disks and manuals will be turned over to Public Safety Information Technology for proper disposal and accounting after a computer information system / equipment is removed from the units inventory.
    • 2.only software authorized by Public Safety Information Technology is installed on Department computers. Members are not to install any personal software on Department equipment without written authorization from Public Safety Information Technology submitted through the chain of command.
    • 3.any questions regarding software copyright, patent, trademark law or licensing agreement violations are referred to the Office of Legal Affairs.
  • B.District Administrative Managers / designated members in other units will ensure that:
    • equipment is maintained in a clean and workable condition and is monitored for any breakdowns or systems failures that may cause the interruption of daily activity.
    • 2.computers are not reconfigured by non-Public Safety Information Technology personnel.
    • 3.notification is made to the unit commander in the event any equipment or software failure interrupts daily activity.
      Hardware or software operating questions which arise when the district Administrative Manager is not available will be referenced in the operating manuals or the on-line documentation supplied with the hardware and software. The Help Desk will not be contacted for how to questions; only breakdowns or failures to the system or software malfunctions will be referred.
    • 4.requests for service of a computer information system will be made via the Public Safety Information Technology Help Desk. The Help Desk operates seven days a week, 24 hours a day.
      Vendors will not be contacted directly for service assistance.
    • 5.If a unit does not have an Administrative Manager, then the units commanding officer will appoint a person to assume the above listed responsibilities.
  • C.Public Safety Information Technology will ensure that:
    • 1.the Help Desk is adequately staffed on a 24 hour basis with personnel who are technically proficient, and who will coordinate the maintenance and support of all equipment and software used by the Department.
    • 2.requests for service from vendors are facilitated.
  • D.The Equipment and Supply Section will:
    • 1.maintain and provide adequate supplies to service the needs of users (i.e., printer ribbons, toner cartridges, paper, diskettes, and other consumable items).
    • 2.provide property control identification number tags consistent with the Department's property inventory and control system.
V.Damage, Loss or Theft of Equipment
  • A.When damaged or missing computer equipment is discovered, the commanding officer of the unit to which the equipment is assigned will ensure that an investigation is conducted to determine the circumstances of the incident.
  • B.If an investigation reveals that computer equipment has been lost, stolen or damaged, the commanding officer will ensure that:
    • 1.the appropriate case report is completed in accordance with established case reporting procedures, stating the Department property inventory number in the narrative section and indicating in the Extra Copies Required box: one copy to Public Safety Information Technology and one copy to the Equipment and Supply Section.
    • 2.a To-From-Subject report is submitted to the Managing Deputy Director, Public Safety Information Technology, through the chain of command, documenting all pertinent facts relating to the investigation. One copy will be sent to the Equipment and Supply Section.
    • 3.a Complaint Register (CR) number is obtained, when appropriate, and listed on all reports.
    • Administrative Message Facsimile Network facsimile message is sent to all district / units describing the lost or stolen computer equipment, including the Departments property inventory number.
VI.Disposal Process
  • A.Public Safety Information Technology will be responsible for:
    • 1.determining when obsolete software or hardware will be removed from computer systems.
    • 2.sending obsolete equipment with a written report (Attention: Supervisor of Police Inventory) to the Equipment and Supply Section indicating that the property is not suitable for continued use and should be disposed of.
  • B.Obsolete or replaced computer equipment will be turned over to the Public Safety Information Technology along with manuals and disks for proper accounting and disposal.
  • C.Procedures for removal, transfer, or exchange of Department property will be followed as outlined in the Department directive entitled "Department Equipment and Property Control System."
Terry G. Hillard
Superintendent of Police
95-087 FRC/GHY (GHY) [dw]
1.U01-05-01 - Computer Replacement Program