Chicago Police DepartmentSpecial Order S04-14-05
Traffic Violators, Name Checks, and Bonding
Issue Date:03 September 2015Effective Date:03 September 2015
Rescinds:09 March 2015 version
Index Category:Preliminary Investigations
This directive continues:
  • A.responsibilities and procedures for a Traffic Violator to post Bond (TVB) and be name-checked by means of a Portable Data Terminal (PDT) or Hot Desk.
  • B.the Request For Drivers Record form to the Request For Certified Copy of Drivers Record form (CPD-31.231).
II.Arresting Officers
  • A.Following the arrest of a traffic violator who must be bonded, the arresting officer will:
    • 1.notify the dispatcher at the Office of Emergency Management and Communications (OEMC) of the traffic arrest.
    • 2.Prior to arrival at the district station, the arresting officer will run a name check of the traffic violator, via a PDT, to ascertain if any warrant, investigative alert, or notification of revocation or suspension of the traffic violators drivers license is on file.
      A radio request for a name-check will not be made unless an immediate response is needed for field investigation.
    • 3.proceed directly to the district facility in the district of occurrence.
  • B.If the officer's vehicle is not equipped with a PDT, the member will conduct a name-check at the district station to ascertain if any warrant, investigative alert, or notification of revocation or suspension of the traffic violator's drivers license is on file.
  • C.If the Secretary of State's Office reveals a drivers license suspension or revocation, the arresting officer will:
    • 1.issue a Personal Service Citation to the traffic violator for Driving while license or permit suspended or revoked (ILCS 625 5/6-303), and
    • 2.complete a Request For Certified Copy of Drivers Record form, and forward the form to the Traffic Court Unit (148) via the Police Document Section (PDS).
  • D.The arresting officer will remain with the traffic violator until:
    • 1.the result of the TVB name-check is received.
    • 2.the instructions from the district station supervisor concerning further appropriate processing of the traffic violator are completed.
III.Arrest and Detention Procedures
  • A.If the TVB name-check returns "clear," the arresting officer will issue the appropriate citation(s) and the violator will post the necessary bond to secure his or her release. An arrest report will not be completed unless one is required by S06-13, Bonding Procedures.
  • B.When it is necessary to arrest a traffic violator because of outstanding warrants, the arresting officer will complete an Arrest Report in addition to issuing the personal service citations.
IV.Disposition of the Arrestee's Vehicle
  • A.A vehicle under the control of an arrestee is subject to an immediate tow:
    • 1.when the arrestee is found to be in violation of any municipal ordinance or state law under 720 ILCS 5/36-1 requiring the vehicle to be impounded or seized.
    • 2.if the vehicle cannot be legally, safely, and continuously parked at or near the scene of the arrest and:
      • a.the arrestee does not authorize another person to take control of the vehicle in a legal manner, or
      • b.the vehicle cannot be legally and safely driven to the place of detention by authorized police personnel.
  • B.If an immediate tow is required:
    • 1.follow the procedures outlined in the Department directive entitled "Vehicle Towing Operations";
    • 2.enter "towed" in the Arrest Report box entitled "Disposition of Vehicle";
    • 3.notify the station supervisor of the immediate tow request.
V.District Station Supervisors
  • A.When a person is arrested for any offense and it is determined that the arrestee has an outstanding criminal or traffic warrant(s) and can post bond, the district station supervisor will ensure that a separate bond is required for:
    • 1.the most serious offense for which the person was arrested;
    • 2.each individual warrant.
  • B.When issuing bonds, district desk sergeants will follow the procedures outlined in the Department directives entitled "Processing Persons Under Department Control," "Non-Traffic Arrest warrant Procedures," "Bond Procedures," and "Court Call Schedule."
VI.Court Appearances Traffic Warrants
The traffic warrant case will be scheduled for the original issuing sworn members courtroom, time, and next regularly scheduled Traffic Court key.
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Authenticated by: KC
Garry F. McCarthy
Superintendent of Police
15-142 RCL