Chicago Police DepartmentSpecial Order S01-06
Operational Improvements and Revenue Proposals
Issue Date:11 June 2008Effective Date:11 June 2008
Index Category:Department Organization
This directive:
  • A.describes the procedures for submitting proposals for operational improvements and for new revenue proposals to the Finance Division.
  • B.introduces the Office of Budget and Management “Management Initiative Proposal” form.
  • C.introduces the Office of Budget and Management “New Revenue Proposal” form.
II.General Information
  • A.The Chicago Police Department continually seeks suggestions on how the Department can achieve operating efficiencies that will save the City money and increase City revenue. Most realistic ideas for new revenue sources come from operating units and a review of unit functions can assist in identifying new revenue sources.
  • B.Members, both sworn and civilian, can assist the Department by:
    • 1.researching and identifying any external funding options, including federal, state, or private resources that may be available to assist in generating funds for new, or existing, Department functions.
    • 2.submitting suggestions for improving the efficiency and effectiveness of programs and services for the Department.
  • C.The following questions can be utilized for considering management initiative proposals and new revenue proposals:
    • 1.What is the proposal and how does it relate to current practice?
    • 2.What is the estimated potential for revenue?
    • 3.How are these figures estimated?
    • 4.What legal authority is needed to implement this program?
    • 5.What can be said in support of the idea, and who would support it? On what grounds might it be opposed, and who would oppose it?
    • 6.Would the proposal require additional City expenditures?
    • 7.Has it been proposed previously? What has changed since?
    • 8.Is this being done in other cities? What has been the experience with it?
  • A.The Office of Budget and Management standardized the submissions of Management Initiative Proposals and New Revenue Proposals. The forms referred to in Item I are available on the Finance Divisions intranet site.
    The above proposals must be submitted on these forms only.
  • B.The completed forms will be either:
    • 1.printed and forwarded directly to the Director, Finance Division, or
    • 2.emailed as an attachment to
  • C.The submitting member must include contact information on the respective form.
  • D.The Director, Finance Division will evaluate and process the submissions accordingly.
Jody P. Weis
Superintendent of Police
08-069 PMD[SB]