Chicago Police DepartmentEmployee Resource E07-01
Voluntary Special Work Opportunities
Issue Date:01 March 2011Effective Date:01 March 2011
Index Category:Benefits
This directive:
  • A.organizes multiple voluntary special work opportunities (VSWO) under the centralized administrative control of the Special Events and Liaison Section (Unit 136).
  • B.establishes the categories for VSWO that have separate guidelines, rules, and conditions.
  • A.Voluntary Special Work Opportunities (VSWO) have separate categories that fall under the responsibilities of the Special Events and Liaison Section (Unit 136), who will coordinate, schedule, and notify members of their assignment(s).
    • 1.Category 1 – Voluntary Special Employment (VSE).
      VSE (e.g., CHA, CTA, etc.) is limited to full-duty sworn personnel.
    • 2.Category 2, Voluntary Overtime Initiative (VOI).
      VOI (e.g., Marathon) is limited to full-duty sworn personnel.
    • 3.Category 3, Voluntary Cancelled Day-Off for preplanned events (VCDO).
      VCDO (e.g., Safe City) is limited to full-duty sworn personnel who are already assigned or detailed out of the designated bureau, division, district, and watch.
    • 4.Category 4, Department Procured Outside Employment (DPOE).
      DPOE (e.g., garden walks, book fairs, 5K runs, etc.) is a work opportunity limited to full-duty sworn personnel for non-city/non-government sponsored events that do not involve the First Amendment.
  • B.Guidelines for the various programs can be located at the Special Events and Liaison Section website.
  • C.The wages for hours worked and VSWO pay checks will be stipulated by the program guidelines.
  • D.Participants who fail to report for duty may be disciplined, in accordance with specific program guidelines, as outlined in the Department directive entitled “Summary Punishment.” Standardized policies for absences and cancellation are defined in the program guidelines.
  • A.Prior to being eligible for VSWO, members are required to complete the special employment eLearning module.
  • B.Members performance evaluation will be “Exceeds Expectations,” or “Meets Expectations,” or exceeds the rating of 76.
  • C.Members on suspension, summary punishment, medical roll, limited duty, or convalescent duty are prohibited from participating in the Voluntary Special Work Opportunity programs.
The Special Events and Liaison Section, Unit 136, will:
  • A.coordinate the scheduling and management of the VSWO.
  • B.promulgate the rules pertaining to applications, assignments, cancellations, absentees, and appeals.
  • the application advisory in CLEAR and the program guidelines on the Special Events and Liaison Section website.
Jody P. Weis
Superintendent of Police
T11-018 AMR