Chicago Police DepartmentSpecial Order S01-05
Suggestion Program
Issue Date:23 September 2004Effective Date:24 September 2004
Index Category:Department Organization
This directive:
  • A.delineates the Departments policy on the Suggestion Program.
  • B.specifically defines a suggestion appropriate for submission consistent with this directive.
  • C.continues the procedure enabling members to submit suggestions for improving the efficiency and effectiveness of Department operations.
  • D.outlines the responsibilities of the Director, Research and Development Division.
The administration of this Department encourages members at all levels of the Department to participate in the Suggestion Program. Many improvements within an organization may develop from ideas conceived by a member who is in the best position to know his or her daily responsibilities and the obstacles that frequently hinder the performance of that job. This program presents an opportunity for each member to make a meaningful contribution to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the Department. Supervisors should take every opportunity to encourage their subordinates to participate in the program and assist in the development of the suggestion.
III.Suggestion: Specifically Defined for the Suggestion Program
A Suggestion is a constructive recommendation to simplify or improve operations, equipment, methods, procedures or organization; conserve materials or property; promote health or improve working conditions; reduce the occurrence of accidents or injuries; improve morale; improve public relations and service to the public; and enhance the image of the Department.
IV.Suggestion Process
  • A.Any Department member wishing to participate in the Suggestion Program will submit a To-From-Subject report directly to the Director, Research and Development Division, that will include:
    • 1.the problem encountered or existing deficiency;
    • 2.a description, in detail, of the resolution to the problem; and
    • 3.the facts supporting the resolution.
  • B.The Department member may or may not include his or her name and/or signature on the suggestion.
V.Director, Research and Development Division, Responsibilities
  • A.The Director, Research and Development Division, will ensure that:
    • 1.each suggestion is assigned to an analyst.
    • 2.a final determination is made to implement or reject the suggestion.
    • 3.a written reply is forwarded to the Department member.
  • B.After a final review is completed each January, a member who submitted a suggestion that resulted in a significant improvement in Department operations or a substantial savings in manpower and operating costs will be recommended by the Director, Research and Development Division, for an appropriate Department award.
Philip J. Cline
Superintendent of Police
03-153 SMD/PMD