Chicago Police DepartmentSpecial Order S04-03-07
Chicago Transit Authority Transit Pass
Issue Date:28 December 2012Effective Date:28 December 2012
Rescinds:9 December 2003 Version; D03-64
Index Category:Preliminary Investigations
This directive informs Department members of the procedure in obtaining transit card usage information from Chicago Transit Authority (CTA)/PACE-issued transit fare pass cards.
II.General Information
  • A.The CTA has an automated transit card system that tracks the usage of any CTA/PACE-issued transit fare pass card.
  • B.All CTA/Pace-issued transit fare pass cards have an individual fare card number stamped directly above an expiration date on the back of the fare pass card.
  • C.A Transit Card Transaction Report from the CTA will include the date, time, fare card reader used, location of the rapid transit station or bus route number where it was last used, and the previous location(s) used.
  • D.The CTA has the ability to supply a CTA/PACE-issued fare pass card usage report for up to ninety days.
  • A.Sworn Department members who require a Transit Card Transaction Report for a CTA/PACE-issued transit fare pass card, for investigative purposes, will contact the Public Transportation Section and supply the following information:
    • 1.Records Division (RD) number, and
    • and time of the incident, and
    • 3.location of the incident, and
    • 4.nature of the incident, and
    • 5.transit fare card number, and
    • 6.transit fare card expiration date, and
    • 7.type of card (e.g., daily pass, 7 day pass, etc.).
  • B.Upon the approval of the Commander or executive officer (XO), Public Transportation Section, Public Transportation personnel will request a Transit Card Transaction Report from the CTA.
  • C.The Transit Card Transaction Report, unless an extreme emergency exists, is available Monday through Friday, from 0900 to 1700 hours only.
  • D.The Public Transportation Section will forward the Transit Card Transaction Report to the requesting member either by fax or inter-departmental mail.
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Authenticated by: JKH
Garry F. McCarthy
Superintendent of Police
03-181 / 12-003 WAL(PMD)/JB