Chicago Police DepartmentSpecial Order S04-10
Drownings, Procedures for Reporting
Issue Date:23 March 2016Effective Date:23 March 2016
Rescinds:29 August 1989 version
Index Category:Preliminary Investigations
This directive continues established procedures for reporting drowning incidents, and designates follow-up investigative responsibilities for such incidents.
II.Reporting and Notification Procedures
  • A.Whenever the body of an apparent drowning victim is recovered, the assigned officer will notify the Office of Emergency Management and Communications (OEMC) and prepare a Hospitalization Case Report (CPD-11,406) or appropriate automated report. The officer will then follow the existing procedures for processing deceased persons.
  • B.Upon being assigned to an alleged drowning incident where the body has not been recovered, the assigned officer will:
    • 1.notify the OEMC dispatcher who will notify the Marine Unit and request the assistance of the Chicago Fire Department, as appropriate. The time of the notification will be included in the report of the incident.
    • 2.prepare a Missing/Found Person Case Report (CPD-11.407) and indicate whether the victim has been identified.
    • 3.list and interview witnesses to the alleged or actual drowning and take statements (these need not be formal statement(s) the statements can be summarized in the narrative section of the case report).
  • C.Upon being notified of a drowning incident occurring as a result of a boating accident on the Lake Michigan or connecting waterways, the OEMC will notify the US Coast Guard.
III.Follow-Up Responsibility
  • A.When a drowning incident has been reported but a body has not been recovered, the appropriate Bureau of Detectives Area will conduct a follow-up investigation to determine if a drowning has in fact occurred. If the identity of the person reported drowned is unknown, the appropriate Bureau of Detectives Area will attempt to determine that persons identity. If there are indications that a criminal offense has occurred, the appropriate Bureau of Detectives Area will investigate accordingly.
  • B.The appropriate Bureau of Detectives Area will assume the administrative / investigative responsibility of all drowning cases.
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John J. Escalante
Interim Superintendent of Police
16-024 PJE
1. -
A person reported as having drowned regardless of whether a body is recovered.