Chicago Police DepartmentSpecial Order S04-13-08
Information Report System
Issue Date:23 February 2012Effective Date:23 February 2012
Rescinds:Version dated 26 May 2009; S09-10
Index Category:Preliminary Investigations
This directive:
  • A.continues the Information Report System and the Information Report [CPD-11.461 (Rev. 5/09)].
  • B.defines the responsibilities for the collection and reporting of information.
  • C.outlines unit processing, dissemination, follow-up, and retention of Information Reports.
II.General Information
  • A.The Information Report System has been developed to provide Department members with a means of bringing information on various police concerns such as organized and general criminal activities, sex offenders, terrorism, gangs, racial, ethnic, and religious incidents to the attention of the Department.
  • B.Members will complete an Information Report for any information not required on case reports which may serve a useful police purpose.
  • C.Members are required to submit an Information Report whenever they are prompted during a name, vehicle, or license check that reveals a "SIR" (Submit Information Report) classification or is under a "Suspect" classification.
    The submission of an Information Report will NOT relieve the reporting member of the responsibility for compliance with directives which require other reports or police action.
III.Reporting Procedures
When any member obtains information of the type defined in this directive or when an Information Report is required by Department directives, the member will:
  • A.prepare an Information Report including the following information:
    • 1.names, aliases, nicknames, and physical descriptions.
    • 2.addresses of residence, business, and locations frequented.
    • 3.description of criminal or suspicious activities, incidents, etc., in which the person is engaged.
    • 4.detailed data on vehicles, especially licensing information (i.e., state and city license information) and the vehicle identification number.
    • 5.information on associates engaged in the same or other criminal activity.
    • 6.signature of sex offender if notified by the Department member of their duty to register (as provided by the requirements of the Sex Offender Registration Act).
      • a.Department members completing Information Reports will inform sex offenders that signing the Information Report does not constitute registering with the local law enforcement agency.
      • b.If the sex offender refuses to sign, the Department member will document the refusal in the narrative section of the Information Report.
    • 7.include Records Division (RD) numbers, of any known incidents to which the Information Report may be connected.
      Member(s) will ensure the information conforms to the Department directive entitled, "The First Amendment and Police Actions."
  • B.submit the completed Information Report to their station supervisor / unit commanding officer.
IV.Public Gatherings
  • A.Information Reports concerning future public gatherings may only be prepared when members:
    • 1.gather published announcements of future public gatherings or when they review permit applications.
    • 2.communicate overtly with the organizers of the public gathering concerning the number of persons expected to participate and similar information about the time, place, and manner of the gathering.
  • B.Information concerning past public gatherings will not be reported via the Information Report System.
V.Unit Responsibilities
  • A.Information Reports will not be distributed other than as outlined in this directive without the approval of a sworn exempt member.
  • B.The station supervisor / unit commanding officer will:
    • the Information Report to ensure it does not conflict with established directives relating to investigations directed towards First Amendment conduct.
    • 2.forward a copy of the Information Report to the district commander or the appropriate exempt member.
    • 3.forward the original report, via Inter-Department mail, to the Deployment Operations Section.
      If the station supervisor / unit commanding officer determines that the information is of a sensitive or serious nature requiring immediate attention, they will promptly telephone this information to a supervisor of the Crime Prevention and Information Center (CPIC).
  • C.The Commander, Deployment Operations Section, will select a unit member to:
    • 1.examine submitted Information Reports in order to ensure compliance with Department policy regarding First Amendment conduct.
    • 2.check the appropriate boxes in the distribution portion of the report in accordance with established functional responsibilities.
    • 3.sign the report in the space provided for the member authorizing distribution.
    • 4.reproduce a copy for each unit designated in the distribution portion of the report and distribute copies via Inter-Department mail.
    • 5.retain the original copies of Information Reports in the Deployment Operations Section except for Information Reports regarding sex offenders.
    • 6.forward original copies of Information Reports regarding sex offenders to Bureau of Detectives Headquarters, Attention: Career Criminal Liaison-Sex Offender Registration Unit.
    • 7.retain a copy of Information Reports regarding sex offenders in the Deployment Operations Center Section.
  • D.Commanding officers of units receiving Information Reports will ensure that:
    • 1.the information is evaluated and, when appropriate, acted upon.
    • 2.additional information obtained through an investigation is appropriately reported on a case and/or supplementary report, when required.
    • 3.the reports are retained only as long as they serve a useful police purpose.
    • 4.upon completion of an Information Report investigation, the unit commanding officer of the investigative unit will submit a To-From-Subject report to the original submitting member's unit commanding officer, summarizing the results achieved as a consequence of the member's Information Report.
(Items indicated by italics/double underline were revised or added.)
Authenticated by: RMJ
Garry F. McCarthy
Superintendent of Police
09-010 / 12-003 SEP/RJN