Chicago Police DepartmentEmployee Resource E06-01-01
Crisis Intervention
Issue Date:16 November 2004Effective Date:17 November 2004
Index Category:Personnel Support
This directive:
  • A.states Department policy regarding members who require crisis intervention.
  • B.defines certain terms related to this directive.
  • C.outlines procedures for ensuring the immediate safety and care of affected members.
II.General Information
  • A.A crisis would include, but not be limited to, situations in which a Department member or a member of his or her family is:
    • 1.having severe physical / emotional difficulties and is in need of immediate attention.
    • 2.experiencing difficulties with alcohol or suicidal thoughts or threats and is in need of an immediate intervention.
      Crisis intervention has an important role in diffusing and resolving immediate or emergency situations. Prevention is far more preferable as a means of resolving personal and problematic issues.
  • B.Crisis situations require immediate action to ensure the Department member’s safety and emotional and physical well-being.
    • 1.Every member’s circumstances are unique and require action based on the nature of the crisis.
    • 2.It must be determined if the member is safe from harm, is dangerous to others, or has medical needs which must be addressed.
III.Referral Procedures
  • A.Crisis intervention will be sought or required whenever a member experiences the following:
    • 1.severe depression and contemplating or threatening suicide.
    • 2.physical / emotional difficulties and is in need of immediate attention.
    • 3.any of the above mentioned circumstances to a lesser degree but may require immediate intervention.
      That individual or another individual will contact the Professional Counseling Service / EAP.
  • B.Family Members or Retired Department Members In Need of Crisis Intervention
    Whenever a family member or retired Department member is in need of crisis intervention, that individual or another individual may contact the Professional Counseling Service / EAP. The Department’s Professional Counseling Service / EAP may come out to the district.
  • C.Department Members In Need of Crisis Intervention
    • 1.Whenever a crisis situation is observed by supervisory personnel (i.e., severe depression, suicidal intent, or other instances in which a supervisor believes intervention is appropriate) involving a Department member, the supervisor will contact the Professional Counseling Service / EAP. The supervisor will then notify the member that the Professional Counseling Service has been contacted on their behalf. However, the member may contact a private provider or licensed individual of their choice qualified to provide treatment to Department members.
      The Professional Counseling Service/EAP operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
    • 2.The Professional Counseling Service / EAP will consult with supervisory personnel and with persons who can contribute information pertinent to the crisis intervention. They will take appropriate action to diffuse the crisis situation to ensure the immediate safety and care of the affected Department member.
Philip J. Cline
Superintendent of Police
04-118 AMD(PMD)