Chicago Police DepartmentSpecial Order S04-13-05
Alternate Paper Reporting Procedures
Issue Date:09 October 2014Effective Date:09 October 2014
Rescinds:07 August 2007 version
Index Category:Preliminary Investigations
This directive informs Department members of alternate paper reporting procedures utilized for the CLEAR automated arrest system, the eTrack inventory system, Tactical Response Reports, Officer Battery Reports, Automated Incident Reporting Application (AIRA), and Administrative Message Center (AMC) when the CLEAR system is unavailable and paper reporting has been authorized.
II.General Information
  • A.This directive references relevant current directives and is to be used as a general guide to expedite the transition when using alternate paper reporting procedures.
  • B.Department members experiencing an outage of a specific application will notify their supervisor and the Help Desk.
  • C.If a Department-wide outage occurs, Public Safety Information Technology (PSIT) or Crime Prevention and Information Center (CPIC) will announce the outage, the expected duration and, if necessary, interim procedures.
III.CLEAR Automated Arrest System
  • A.The decision to resort to paper procedures will be made by the Deputy Chief Assigned to the Office of the First Deputy Superintendent, or the On-Call Incident Commander (OCIC), as appropriate, after consultation with the Commander, PSIT. Department members will use the Arrest Report (CPD-11.420).
  • B.If members obtained a tracking/Central Booking (CB) number and then were unable to complete the procedure because the CLEAR system became unavailable, members will:
    • 1.complete an Arrest Report; and
    • 2.once the CLEAR system is available, verify the tracking/CB number and fax a To-From-Subject report to the Field Services Section, requesting to delete the CB number obtained before the CLEAR system became unavailable.
  • C.When the CLEAR system becomes available the lockup keeper will log in to the CHRIS client server application and use the CHRIS Manage Booking module to enter required arrestee data from the paper Arrest Report. Once the data entry process is completed and the “Booking Posted” button selected, fingerprints and mug shots can be captured on the appropriate workstations.
    Lockup keepers will refer to the on-line user guide Paper Arrest Procedures.
  • D.For complete procedures, members will refer to the Department directive CLEAR Automated Arrest System, and the Department directive Arrest Report and Related Documents.
IV.eTrack Inventory System Outage
  • A.If a member is unable to access the eTrack application, that member will notify the district station supervisor and telephone the Help Desk for assistance.
  • B.When a designated unit supervisor has determined or been notified that an eTrack outage affecting the unit has occurred, the supervisor will notify the Help Desk and CPIC.
  • C.If the use of the Property Inventory book has been approved by the Chief of Patrol or OCIC, members will refer to the Department directive Procedures in the Event of a System Outage or Requirement for On-Scene Inventory.
V.Tactical Response Reports (TRR) and Officer Battery Reports (OBR)
VI.Automated Incident Reporting Application (AIRA)
  • A.Members will notify the Help Desk when AIRA is unavailable and follow the instructions by Help Desk personnel.
  • B.If at any time the AIRA system is not operational, members will revert back to using the paper reporting system only after obtaining the approval of their supervisor.
VII.Administrative Message Center
  • A.In the event of system unavailability, PSIT will notify all affected units via the Message In-Box (for unit) with information regarding the expected duration of the unavailability.
  • B.Unit commanding officer/district station supervisor will notify the Help Desk when the AMC is unavailable and follow the instructions by Help Desk personnel relative to procedures for sending messages during system unavailability.
VIII.CLEAR System Availability
Units will be notified via AMC message when the automated arrest system, the eTrack inventory system, the automated TRRs, OBRs, AIRA and AMC resume operation.
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Authenticated by: JKH
Garry F. McCarthy
Superintendent of Police
12-111 PMD