Chicago Police DepartmentSpecial Order S04-07-11
Automated Traffic Crash Reporting System
Issue Date:26 February 2019Effective Date:26 February 2019
Rescinds:24 August 2017 version
Index Category:Preliminary Investigations
This directive:
  • A.continues the CLEARNET Crash Application, the automated traffic crash reporting system for completing, submitting, and approving Illinois Traffic Crash Reports.
  • B.establishes procedures and responsibilities for the entry and approval of information into the CLEARNET Crash Application.
  • C.continues the Driver Information Exchange Card (CPD-22.122).
  • A.The CLEARNET Crash Application will be used for Type “A" and Type "B" Traffic Crash Reports. Department members will follow the procedures outlined in the Department directive entitled “Preliminary Investigations—Traffic Crashes” unless otherwise directed by this directive.
  • B.The CLEARNET Crash Application will be used to document all traffic crashes reported to the department.
  • C.If the CLEARNET Crash Application is unavailable, members will complete a paper Illinois Traffic Crash Report consistent with procedures outlined in item VII of this directive.
III.Department Member Responsibilities
Members completing a traffic crash report using the CLEARNET Crash Application will:
  • A.adhere to all Department procedures and policies relative to completing a Traffic Crash Report.
  • the Crash Reporting icon located on the Department intranet CLEAR homepage, or PDT, and login using their CLEAR user name (PC login) and password.
  • C.obtain Records Division (RD) and Event numbers from the district desk Police Computer Aided Dispatch (PCAD) system or request RD and Event numbers from the Office of Emergency Management and Communications (OEMC).
  • D.complete a traffic crash report for each crash in the CLEARNET Crash Application and ensure:
    • 1.all involved unit information is complete.
    • 2.all applicable fields are completed. Fields not complete are indicated in the upper right corner of the crash application screen.
    • 3.all crash application reports have a crash diagram completed.
    • 4.completed reports are sent to the member's unit inbox for approval.
  • E.notify a supervisor that the report is complete and available for approval.
  • F.provide involved units a Driver Information Exchange Card (CPD-22.122) directing them to to retrieve the Driver Information Exchange information and then complete the Illinois Motorist Report.
IV.District Supervisor Responsibilities
District supervisors will:
  • the submitted Traffic Crash Reports for approval.
    Upon approval, a copy of a SR 1050C, Illinois Traffic Crash Report, is generated from the CLEARNET Crash Application system and sent to the Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT). When IDOT receives an electronic traffic crash report, a control number is generated and sent back to CPD for report identification and tracking.
  • B.ensure community members are provided with the appropriate support and information when requesting assistance with accessing and retrieving the Driver Information Exchange information at or the Illinois Motorist Report at
V.Amended CLEARNET Crash Reports
  • A.If the driver of any unit involved in a previously reported traffic crash requests to have a traffic crash report amended or additional information added, the member will:
    • for the existing, approved report by RD number or address of incident in the CLEARNET Crash Application;
    • "View" for the crash report, go to the activity page by selecting the "Activity" button, and select the "Create Amended Report" button under Report Version History section;
    • 3.enter new and/or additional information as provided by the requesting driver;
      • a.The member amending the traffic crash report must justify why the report information has been amended by documenting the reason in the narrative section of the report.
      • b.The original narrative cannot be amended. An additional narrative must be completed.
    • 4.submit amended traffic crash report to unit inbox for supervisor approval.
  • B.If a member attempts to submit a CLEARNET crash report for approval and receives a validation error message reading "RD# already in use by a different CLEARNET Report," that member will:
    • 1.ensure the RD number on the CLEARNET crash report that is being submitted for approval matches the number that was generated through the PCAD or OEMC Ad Desk.
    • the CLEARNET crash application to find what unit submitted a report using the incorrect RD number.
    • the DSS of the unit that used their RD number and request the report be amended with the correct RD number.
      The unit amending a CLEARNET crash report can verify an RD number through the PCAD or OEMC Ad Desk.
    • 4.resubmit the original CLEARNET crash report with RD number for supervisor approval.
      The unit amending the original CLEARNET crash report must submit and approve the report before the previously used RD number can be used.
  • C.District Supervisors will follow procedures as outlined in Item IV of this directive.
  • D.The latest, amended version of the traffic crash report is the version that will be recorded by IDOT.
  • E.The Records Division will ensure all versions, original and amended, will be available in the DocuShare system.
Training on the CLEARNET Crash Application will be provided by ISD in an eLearning training module.
VII.Procedures When Access to the CLEARNET Crash Application is Not Available
  • A.If a member is unable to access the CLEARNET Crash Application on a Department computer or PDT, that member will:
    • 1.notify his or her supervisor and receive approval to complete a paper report.
    • 2.notify the Help Desk at 4-DATA for assistance.
    • 3.complete a paper Illinois Traffic Crash Report following the procedures as outlined in the Department directive entitled “Preliminary Investigations—Traffic Crashes.”
  • B.If the CLEARNET Crash Application in not available, the Help Desk will notify all affected units via an AMC message with information regarding the expected duration of the outage.
  • C.The station supervisor will ensure procedures for processing paper Illinois Traffic Crash Reports will be followed as outlined in the Department directive entitled "Processing Illinois Traffic Crash Reports."
Districts will maintain a supply of these forms available from the Equipment and Supply Section:
  • A.Driver Information Exchange Card (CPD-22.122), and
  • B.SR 1050C, Illinois Traffic Crash Report, for instances of system outages.
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Eddie T. Johnson
Superintendent of Police
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