Chicago Police DepartmentSpecial Order S11-04
Orientation Training for Sworn Members Assigned to Citizen-Dress Field Operations
Issue Date:10 June 2005Effective Date:17 June 2005
Index Category:Training
This directive:
  • A.establishes mandatory orientation training for designated sworn members when initially assigned or detailed to a unit that conducts citizen-dress field operations.
  • B.designates units whose participation in the orientation training is mandatory.
  • C.establishes responsibilities and procedures for the orientation training.
II.General Information
  • A.This two-day orientation training is designed to provide guidelines and procedural information to designated sworn members assigned to citizen-dress field operations for situations they are likely to encounter during the course of their tours of duty.
  • B.The orientation training:
    • 1.will normally take place on the first and second day of each police period.
    • mandatory for all nonsupervisory sworn members when first assigned to a field unit with civilian-dress responsibilities within the:
      • a.Bureau of Patrol
      • b.Organized Crime Division
      • c.Detective Division as designated by the Chief, Detective Division.
  • C.Those members already assigned or detailed to affected units before the effective date of this directive will not be required to attend the orientation training.
  • D.Members who have received the orientation training and are transferred or detailed to any other unit with citizen-dress responsibilities are not required to repeat the training.
  • E.Bureau of Patrol personnel assigned to the “06" Incident Car are only required to attend training if they are consistently assigned to work the 06 Incident Car.
III.Responsibilities and Procedures
  • A.The Assistant Deputy Superintendent, Education and Training Division, will ensure:
    • is provided to designated members.
    • 2.successful completion of the orientation training is recorded on the members’ training records.
  • B.Unit commanding officers of members required to attend training will:
    • 1.on the Monday immediately following the issuance of the transfer order:
      • a.forward a To-From-Subject report, through the chain of command, to the Assistant Deputy Superintendent, Education and Training Division, listing the names and star numbers of members required to attend the orientation training.
      • b.ensure that the Office of the Assistant Deputy Superintendent, Education and Training Division, is notified by telephone of the members required to attend training.
    • 2.if necessary, adjust day-off groups so that members can attend the orientation training.
  • C.Members scheduled to attend the orientation training will report in citizen’s dress, consistent with the Department directive entitled "Uniforms/Citizen’s Dress and Personal Equipment," to the Education and Training Division on the date and time as determined by the Assistant Deputy Superintendent, Education and Training Division.
Philip J. Cline
Superintendent of Police
05-052 DK(PMD)