Chicago Police DepartmentSpecial Order S09-07
Reproduction and Graphic Arts Service
Issue Date:20 March 2008Effective Date:20 March 2008
Index Category:Information Management
This directive outlines responsibilities and procedures for requesting the service of the Reproduction and Graphic Arts Section.
  • A.When requesting a service from the Reproduction and Graphic Arts Section, the requesting unit commanding officer will be responsible for the proper completion of the Reproduction & Graphic Arts Service Requisition (CPD-34.705) form.
    Improperly completed forms, and/or forms without required approvals, will not be accepted.
  • B.All requests for Reproduction and Graphic Arts services relating to fund-raising activities must be pre-approved by the Commander, Department Administration, as outlined in the Department directive entitled “Bulletin Boards/Boards of Honor.”
  • A.Department members will complete and submit a Reproduction & Graphic Arts Service Requisition (CPD-34.705) form for any of the following services:
    • 1.graphic design or content creation of event marketing materials, Department publications, special reports, brochures, newsletters, logos, posters, cards, maps, enlargements, etc.;
      Prior to distribution, all Department publications must be approved consistent with the procedures outlined in the Department directive entitled “Department Reports, Publications, Survey Responses and Official Statistics.”
    •, which includes film development, photo prints, slides, and other related services; and
      Photographic services relative to First Amendment Investigations must be authorized by either the First Deputy Superintendent, or the Chief, Bureau of Detectives.
    • 3.duplication, which includes printing of documents, forms, brochures, flyers, cards, bulletins, and other related materials;
      Unit commanding officers will request duplicating services for all CPD forms through the Research and Development Division.
  • B.Department members will complete a Material Submitted for the Daily Bulletin (CPD-11.463) form when requesting material to be submitted for inclusion in the Daily Bulletin.
  • C.Department members will complete a Request for Identification Photos (CPD-31.951) to obtain IR photos that are not available from the Department’s intranet.
    IR photos are produced in color unless the photos requested were originally photographed in black and white.
Jody P. Weis
Superintendent of Police
07-052 PMD[LBM]