Chicago Police DepartmentSpecial Order S04-03-08
Chicago Transit Authority Photographic Surveillance System
Issue Date:20 January 2004Effective Date:20 January 2004
Index Category:Preliminary Investigations
This directive informs Department members of the procedures in obtaining photographic evidence from Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) buses and selected station locations.
II.General Information
  • A.Ninety-six percent of the CTA’s bus fleet are equipped with a photographic camera system. This system consists of five cameras that take two clear photographs every second. These images are recorded on the buses onboard computer hard drive.
  • B.Currently, the following CTA rail stations have fixed cameras that record activity on computers located at the CTA’s Control Center:
    • 1.1167 South State Street - Red Line - Roosevelt
    • 2.14 West 95th Street - Red Line - 95th Street
    • 3.3528 South Leavitt Avenue - Orange Line - Archer/Leavitt
    • 4.3200 West Lake Street - Green Line - Lake/Kedzie
  • C.Unless retrieved, all photographic images captured by the CTA photographic surveillance system will be recorded over after a 72-hour period.
  • A.Sworn Department members who are investigating any incident on a CTA bus or rail station where photographic images will assist in the investigation or prosecution of an offender will ascertain if the bus or rail station is equipped with a camera recording system.
  • B.If the bus or rail station is equipped with a camera recording system the Sworn Department member will notify the bus operator or a CTA supervisor, and the Public Transportation Section desk to ensure that the photographic image(s) are preserved.
  • C.The appropriate case report will be made and will include the following:
    •, time, location of incident,
    • 2.bus number,
    • number,
    • 4.operators name, and
    • 5.direction of travel.
  • D.A copy of the appropriate completed case report will be faxed to the Public Transportation Section.
  • E.Upon notification of an incident the Public Transportation Section will follow established procedures in obtaining the requested photographic images.
  • F.The photographic images will be recovered by the Public Transportation Section who will forward the appropriate copies to the investigating officer.
  • G.Department members receiving requested photographic images from the Public Transportation Section will follow the inventory procedures outlined in existing Department directives.
Philip J. Cline
Superintendent of Police
04-003 WAL(PMD)