Chicago Police DepartmentSpecial Order S05-12
Emergency Medication Plan
Issue Date:02 August 2018Effective Date:02 August 2018
Rescinds:29 February 2012 Version
Index Category:Extraordinary Responses
This directive:
  • A.defines responsibilities in the event of a confirmed biological attack or outbreak.
  • B.assigns responsibilities for receiving and storing of the prophylactic medication.
  • C.assigns responsibilities for the distribution of prophylactic medication to Department members and their families.
  • D.continues the use of the Emergency Medication Plan Household Information Form (CPD-11.165).
II.General Information
  • A.The Department has a responsibility to ensure the health of its workforce and the ability of its members to respond during a confirmed, large-scale biological outbreak. The Department accepts its role in providing prophylactic medication in a timely manner to Department members and their household members.
  • B.Accepting prophylactic medication during the distribution is a voluntary program. Every Department member has a right to refuse medication for themselves or their household members.
  • C.If notification of a confirmed biological outbreak is received by the Chicago Police Department, locations for distribution of prophylactic medication to Department members who are off-duty and their household members will be announced.
  • D.Prophylactic medications are stored in a secure site and are ready for distribution.
  • A.The Superintendent of Police has the sole responsibility for the Chicago Police Department to authorize the acceptance and distribution of medications from the City's Department of Public Health.
  • B.The First Deputy Superintendent is responsible for the operational implementation of this plan and distribution of medications upon the direction of the Superintendent.
  • C.The Equipment and Supply Section is responsible for obtaining the Chicago Police Department’s supply of prophylactic medication and distributing it to the units where it will be stored.
  • D.Commanding officers in the units identified below will have ready access to the prophylactic medication secured within their facilities for distribution to on-duty Department members:
    • 1.Each district station;
      When an area Bureau of Detectives or other unit shares a facility with a district, the district station supervisor will be responsible for storing the medication for the area Bureau of Detectives and all other unit personnel assigned to that facility.
    • 2.Homan Square;
    • 3.Airport Law Enforcement North and South;
    • 4.The Education and Training Division;
    • 5.Crime Prevention and Information Center (CPIC) for all Department units assigned to Public Safety Headquarters.
      Extra quantities of medication may be made available to supplement units in need of additional doses.
  • E.On-duty members assigned to a facility not specifically listed will obtain prophylactic medication from the nearest district station.
  • F.Department members will print and complete the Emergency Medication Plan—Household Information Form and keep it within their personal residence.
    A completed Emergency Medication Plan—Household Information Form (CPD-11.165) must be presented by household members at distribution sites in order to receive prophylactic medications.
  • G.Upon notification from the Superintendent of a confirmed biological outbreak within the City of Chicago, the First Deputy Superintendent will authorize implementation and distribution of medications by:
    • 1.issuing an Administrative Message Center (AMC) message to all Department districts / units notifying them to distribute the prophylactic medication to on-duty Department members.
    • 2.instructing CPIC to notify the unit commanding officers of units not operational 24 hours a day, seven days a week, of the need to distribute prophylactic medication to their units.
    • 3.instructing the Information Services Division to supply OEMC with a list of Department-member phone numbers in an Excel format so that they can be uploaded into the Reverse 911 system.
      The Reverse 911 system will be used by OEMC to telephone off-duty members and their families and notify them where and when to report for medication distribution.
    • 4.ensuring security is provided at medication distribution sites and other necessary locations.
  • H.Distribution sites for off-duty members and their families will be organized and operated by Chicago Fire Department (CFD) personnel at four locations in the City. CPD will provide eight uniformed members and one uniformed sergeant for each location to provide security.
IV.District / Unit Distribution Plans for On-Duty Members
Upon receiving notification from the First Deputy Superintendent of the implementation of this plan, station supervisors / executive officers / unit commanding officers will ensure:
  • A.the prophylactic medication instruction sheet, distribution list, and sign-off roster of all on-duty employees in their district/unit is reviewed.
  • B.a district / unit member is assigned to notify each on-duty member. Members will be instructed that the prophylactic medication will be available for pickup at the member's district / unit of assignment.
    On-duty members assigned or detailed to a facility not designated to distribute medication will report to the district station nearest their facility.
  • C.distribution procedures are adjusted for on-duty members who are unable to report to the distribution location (e.g., prisoner guard detail).
  • is provided for the facility where the medication is to be distributed to Department members.
  • E.CPIC is notified as to the status of the distribution.
    Station supervisors / executive officers / unit commanding officers will ensure that members of their command understand that participation in this program is entirely voluntary and ensure that the members review the medication instruction sheet for possible allergic reactions or interaction with other medications the members may be taking.
V.Distribution Upon Activation of Plan Red and Plan Blue
  • A.Upon notification that a Plan Red has been activated, on-duty members will follow the distribution plan specified in Section IV of this directive.
  • B.Upon notification that a Plan Blue has been initiated, recalled members will be notified of the location and time for receiving their prophylactic medication.
    Plans Red and Blue will be activated consistent with the Department directive titled "Special Response Plans."
(Items indicated by italics/double underline were revised or added.)
Authenticated by: KC
Eddie T. Johnson
Superintendent of Police
T18-029 EW