Chicago Police DepartmentEmployee Resource E04-04
Task Forces and Select Specialized Unit Assignment Opportunities
Issue Date:11 February 2010Effective Date:11 February 2010
Index Category:Assignments and Details
This directive establishes procedures for sworn Department members to apply for non-bid task force and other specialized unit assignments as identified by the Superintendent.
It is the policy of the Department to post non-biddable sworn duty assignment opportunities that it intends to fill in non-bid task force and other specialized unit assignments as identified by the Superintendent, so that highly qualified members may be made aware of the assignment opportunity and be encouraged to apply.
  • A.Unit commanding officers seeking to fill one or more sworn duty assignments within a task force or specialized unit as identified by the Superintendent, for all duty assignments not already covered by existing collective bargaining agreements and procedures, will:
    • 1.with the approval of a command staff member, submit an electronic request (i.e.: email) to the command staff member of the Human Resources Division, that such position(s) be filled.
    • the request, include the following information about the position(s) to be filled:
      • a.number of positions the unit intends to fill,
      • b.rank / job title of the position,
      • c.mandatory requirements, (e.g., time on the job, time in grade, non-IOD medical usage record, sustained complaint and disciplinary record, awards, complimentary letters, performance evaluation information, academic achievement, physical requirements).
      • d.additional preferred qualifications, (e.g., language skills, specialized training, specialized skill sets, writing exemplars).
      • e.a declaration of whether or not the selection(s) will be made solely on the basis of a paper review of credentials, an interview, an assessment exercise, or combination of these methods.
      • f.desired time frame for interested members to apply, as well as a desired date to fill the position(s).
    • 3.upon completion of the evaluation and selection process, the selecting unit will inform the command staff member of the Human Resource Division, of the identify of the member(s) selected and request that the selected member(s) be detailed or assigned to their unit.
  • B.The command staff member of the Human Resources Division, will ensure:
    • 1.all approved non-biddable specialized unit assignment opportunity positions are posted.
    • 2.the collection and organization of all applications and required documents.
    • 3.all submitted names and supporting materials of qualified applicants are forwarded directly to the unit commanding officer requesting the posting.
    • 4.upon the completion of the evaluation and the assignment of the selected member to the specialized unit, a Department announcement is posted that the position has been filled.
  • C.Department sworn members interested in applying for posted non-biddable specialized unit assignment opportunities will apply in the manner and time period described by the Human Resources Division announcement.
    Members should be aware that some positions may be limited to a paper review of credentials only while other positions may require an interview, physical testing, or other such assessment methodologies.
Jody P. Weis
Superintendent of Police
10-014 SEP/JKH