Chicago Police DepartmentSpecial Order S04-07-01
Hit and Run Crashes
Issue Date:02 January 1998Effective Date:11 January 1998
Index Category:Preliminary Investigations
This directive outlines the reporting responsibilities of members when investigating hit and run traffic crashes . Department members will refer to the General Order titled "Hit and Run Crashes" for immediate responsibilities and required notifications.
II.Reporting Responsibilities
  • A.When investigating a hit and run traffic crash, the investigating member will complete an Illinois Traffic Crash Report classified as outlined in Item II of the Department directive entitled “Preliminary Investigations-Traffic Crashes,” ensuring the "Hit and Run" box is checked. Any information relating to a hit and run driver's description will also be included in the space provided.
  • B.An explanation of the crash and a diagram will be provided on the reverse side of the report. The report will be distributed in accordance with the procedures outlined in the Department directive entitled "Processing Illinois Traffic Crash Reports."
  • C.Upon completion of the follow-up investigation, the MAIU investigator will:
    • 1.submit the report to a supervisor for approval, and
    • 2.forward the appropriate form to the Records Processing Section.
John J. Townsend
Acting Superintendent of Police
97-038 GHY(AJB)
1. -
A traffic crash in which any driver of any vehicle involved fails to:
  • A.Immediately stop at the scene of such crash, or as close as possible and immediately return, and
  • B.Remain at the scene until he has reasonably identified himself; or report to the nearest duly authorized police authority to identify himself as being involved in a traffic crash.