Chicago Police DepartmentSpecial Order S09-04-01
Computerized Criminal History (CCH)
Issue Date:11 February 1988Effective Date:12 February 1988
Index Category:Information Management
This directive continues procedures for obtaining Computerized Criminal History (CCH) information from the Field Inquiry Section of the Records Services Division.
  • A.Access to the CCH file within the Department will be available only to sworn members involved in the investigation of assigned cases.
  • B.The Department will not access the CCH file for any other individual or agency.
III.Procedure for Obtaining CCH Records
  • A.Sworn members requesting a computerized criminal history record will:
    • 1.submit one of the following three groups of identifiers on the suspect to the Field Inquiry Section.
      • a.Name, sex, race, and DOB, or
      • b.Name, sex, race, DOB, and IR Number, or when the IR Number is unavailable, the Social Security Number (SOC), FBI number, State Identification Number (SID), or Miscellaneous Number (MNU), such as a Drivers License or Illinois Firearm Owner Identification Number, or
      • c.Name, and one numeric identifier (IR, SOC, FBI, SID, or MNU).
    • 2.specify in the CCH request as to what type of a response is desired, Summary Information or Complete Jacket Information.
    • 3.provide the reason for the CCH request, i.e., RD Number.
    • 4.provide their name, star number, unit, and PAX telephone number.
  • B.The Field Inquiry Section will:
    • 1.record the CCH request on a Field Inquiry form (CPD-31.230).
    • 2.verify the requesting officers star number and unit of assignment.
    • 3.ensure that only authorized operators have access to the CCH file, in accordance with the LEADS Operating Manual.
    • 4.provide requesting officers with the following types of responses to CCH inquiries:
      • a."NO RECORD," meaning that a record on the person inquired upon is not in the CCH file. However, a "No Record" response should not rule out the possibility that the suspect has a record, because the CCH file is not complete.
      • b."HIT," meaning that a persons record is on file, and that "Summary Information" will be provided, or that subsequently the Illinois State Police, Bureau of Identification, will mail "Complete Jacket Information" to the Field Inquiry Section for transmittal to the requesting officer.
    • 5.instruct the requesting officer to pick up the printout in person. Only supervisory members of the Field Inquiry Section may release CCH printouts. The supervisor will rubber-stamp the printout "CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION," verify the requesting officers identification, and obtain his signature and star number on the reverse side of the Field Inquiry form.
    • 6.inform requesting officers that printouts will be destroyed if not picked up within thirty (30) days.
IV.Computer Log on CCH Inquiries
The Illinois LEADS (Springfield) will maintain a computerized log on all CCH inquiries, containing the following information: date and time the inquiry was made, terminal from which the inquiry was made, the name of the officer who requested the information, the ORI (Identifying Number) of the Chicago Police Department, the complete name inquired upon, and the reason for the inquiry.
  • A.Criminal history records will be given only to sworn members as investigative aids in the investigation of assigned cases. These records will not be discussed with members who are not involved in the matter under investigation.
  • B.When a sworn member determines that the CCH record is not useful or no longer needed in the investigation, he will destroy it by shredding it into small pieces. This document will not be duplicated or used as an attachment to any report for dissemination.
  • C.Any misuse of this data could result in restrictions in inter-agency exchange of information. Members will not allow their access to such information to be used for non-Department purposes.
VI.Inspections and Security Violations
  • A.The Illinois Department of State Police is responsible for security throughout the system being serviced, including all places where terminal devices are located.
  • B.All criminal justice agencies having access to CCH data from the system will permit an inspection team appointed by the Director of the Illinois Department of State Police and/or the Security and Confidentiality Committee of the National Crime Information Center to conduct appropriate inquiries with regard to any allegations regarding security violations.
  • C.This inspection team will include at least one representative of the FBI when the inquiry into alleged violations is instituted by the committee. All results of the investigation will be reported to the Director of the Illinois Department of State Police and/or the Advisory Policy Board of the National Crime Information Center with appropriate recommendations.
LeRoy Martin
Superintendent of Police
85-37 DF (MLS)[LBM]