Chicago Police DepartmentSpecial Order S09-04-04
Juvenile Arrest Record Expungement
Issue Date:05 October 2001Effective Date:06 October 2001
Index Category:Information Management
This directive provides procedures for the expungement of juvenile arrest records.
II.Responsibilities and Procedures
  • A.The Commander, Youth Investigations Section, or a designee thereof, will receive all court orders and petitions for the expungement of juvenile arrest records from the Chief Judge, Juvenile Court.
  • B.The personnel assigned to process the expungement will:
    • the court order and arrest record to verify that the date of the arrest corresponds to the date which appears on the court order and that the signature of the judge is authentic.
    • 2.locate the arrest record and other specified documents related to the arrest being expunged and hand carry these documents, including the court order, to the Identification Section.
  • C.The Identification Section personnel, upon receipt of the court order to expunge the record of an arrest, will:
    • 1.expunge the arrest data, as directed by the court order, from the official Department-computerized files.
    • 2.return all Department documents pertaining to the specific arrest of the individual named in the court order to the Youth Investigations Record Control Section personnel.
  • D.The Commander, Youth Investigations Section, upon receipt of the completed file, will:
    • the computerized file to ensure that all necessary information pertaining to the arrest indicated in the court order has been expunged.
    • 2.forward the hard-copy documents directly to the individual whose arrest record has been expunged, or to the attorney representing the individual, as directed by the court order.
  • E.Juveniles who have been charged as adults will have their records expunged according to the procedures outlined in Department directive entitled, "Arrest Record Expungement."
All inquiries concerning a juvenile arrest record which has been expunged will be answered by the statement "No Record."
Terry G. Hillard
Superintendent of Police
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