Chicago Police DepartmentSpecial Order S09-04-05
Federal Arrest Database
Issue Date:05 June 2009Effective Date:05 June 2009
Index Category:Information Management
This directive informs Department members that previously unavailable federal criminal history record information known as the Joint Automated Booking System (JABS) can now be accessed by all sworn and select civilian members.
II.General Information
  • A.JABS is the livescan booking and demographics database application used by most federal law enforcement agencies to process their own arrestees.
  • B.Some of the federal contributing agencies are: the FBI, DEA, US Secret Service, US Marshals Office, and US Bureau of Prisons. This database was historically only open to federal law enforcement agencies; today it is open to selected local law enforcement agencies.
  • C.Sworn and select civilian Department members will use their own individual CPD CLEAR logon and password to access JABS.
  • D.Each JABS record will display federal charges and prior federal history, as well as photographs and fingerprint data; some records will also include supplemental information such as next of kin, telephone numbers, associates, vehicle ownership data, etc.
  • E.Conducting name inquiries in JABS, like any criminal background check, is intended for criminal justice purposes consistent with the guidelines delineated in the Department directive entitled "Criminal History Records."
III.Procedures to Access JABS
  • A.From the CPD CLEAR intranet site, members will select the JABS link.
  • B.From the JABS "Welcome" page, members must request access from the JABS federal administrators by selecting the "request applications" button and following the instructions on-line.
    When applying on-line, members must use their Department e-mail address in order to be approved. Once the request is submitted it will normally take 2-5 business days before access is granted by the federal program administrators. The requesting members will receive notification for their authorization to use JABS via the CPD e-mail system when approval is granted.
A JABS "Quick Reference Guide" has been placed on-line for users' information. Members having specific questions pertaining to making inquiries using JABS, should contact the  JABS Help Desk .
Jody P. Weis
Superintendent of Police
08-152 JKH
Joint Automated Booking System (JABS) - Help Desk