Chicago Police DepartmentSpecial Order S09-05
Department Reports, Publications, Survey Responses and Official Statistics
Issue Date:13 August 2003Effective Date:14 August 2003
Index Category:Information Management
This directive:
  • A.specifies Department requirements for preparing all official reports, directives, and correspondence with individuals, organizations, and agencies.
  • B.specifies procedures for controlling the Departments publication and dissemination to the public of reports and documents.
  • C.establishes procedures for responding to surveys submitted to the Department by individuals, organizations, and agencies.
  • D.establishes procedures for the approval of official Departmental statistics.
  • A.It is the policy of the Department to provide:
    • 1.individuals, organizations, and agencies with copies of official Department reports that substantiate a loss of property or personal injury.
    • 2.other governmental entities, the media, and general public with reliable statistical and related information.
  • B.Department members are prohibited from disseminating, releasing, altering, defacing or removing any Department record(s) or information unless such action is required as part of their official duties.
III.Format for Department Reports
  • A.Black or dark blue ink will be used for the handwritten portions and signatures of all official Department directives, reports, forms, records, and correspondence.
  • B.Recording Dates and Times
    • 1.Department members will comply with the following guidelines in all intra-Departmental written communications, including Department directives, reports, forms, records, and correspondence.
      • a.Dates will be written as the number of the day, followed by either the written month or the three letter abbreviation for the month, followed by the four digits of the year. For example,
        • (1)10 August 2003,
        • (2)10 Aug 2003.
      • b.Time will be written in the military manner using four digits, from 0001 to 2400, without punctuation, with the first two digits designating the hour and the second two digits designating the number of minutes past the hour. For example,
        • (1)12:01 AM is written as 0001 hours,
        • (2)2:15 PM is written as 1415 hours,
        • (3)12:00 PM is written as 1200 hours,
        • (4)12:00 AM is written as 2400 hours.
    • 2.The conventional method of stating dates and times will be used by Department members in all written communications with individuals, organizations, and agencies, including arrest warrants, traffic citations, and general correspondence. For example,
      • a.August 10, 2003
      • b.12:01 AM
      • c.2:15 PM
Terry G. Hillard
Superintendent of Police
03-042 LMT/TJL(PMD)[LBM]
1.S09-05-01 - Department Reports and Letters of Clearance
2.S09-05-02 - Department Publications
3.S09-05-03 - Survey Responses and Official Statistics