Chicago Police DepartmentSpecial Order S09-08-02
CLEARpath Unit Homepage Computer Application
Issue Date:11 January 2010Effective Date:12 January 2010
Index Category:Information Management
This directive:
  • A.introduces the CLEARpath Unit Homepage Computer Application (Homepage Application).
  • B.delineates the procedures to create, maintain, and update unit home pages in the CLEARpath Community Webportal.
II.General Information
  • A.The Homepage Application:
    • 1.provides community members information about Department units relating to:
      • information,
      • b.beat maps,
      • c.beat meetings,
      • d.most wanted subjects,
      • e.success stories,
      • f.crime alerts, and
      • g.special events.
    • 2.has the capability for designated members to create, maintain, and update official, unit home pages.
  • B.Access to the Homepage Application shall be subject to any privileges and limitations as delineated in the Department directive entitled, “Access to Computer Data, Dissemination and Retention of Computer Data.”
  • C.Members unable to access the Homepage Application on a Department computer may telephone the Help Desk for assistance.
III.Guidelines for Maintaining Unit Homepages
  • A.Units will maintain official, unit home pages as part of the Department's CLEARpath Community Webportal.
    Members will not create personal home pages that purport to be official Department sites on the Internet.
  • B.Unit home pages should provide useful information specific to the unit. Examples include: beat community meeting schedules; beat profile information; problem-solving success stories; crime prevention tips; information regarding unit events; photographs of CAPS events.
  • C.Any content:
    • 1.that can be viewed by the public, must be approved by an authorized supervisor in the Homepage Application prior to displaying or “publishing” the content on the CLEARpath website.
    • 2.that has the status of “pending,” “rejected,” or “submitted” will not be displayed on the CLEARpath website for public view.
  • D.Designated content developers
    • 1.Unit commanding officers will designate a member(s) who will develop, maintain, and update the content for the unit home page.
    • 2.Unit commanding officers will submit the names, ranks, star numbers or employee numbers, log-on ID numbers, and Department e-mail addresses of content developers to the Managing Deputy Director, Public Safety Information Technology (PSIT).
    • 3.Unit home pages will be developed, maintained, and updated according to the guidelines established by PSIT.
      • a.Members may receive some basic training on developing content for home pages through PSIT. Advanced training will be the responsibility of the member.
      • b.Ongoing advice and consultation will be provided by the CAPS Implementation Office.
      • c.Information regarding unit crime alerts and special services submitted for inclusion in the application will be approved by the Managing Deputy Director, PSIT or their designee.
    • 4.Unauthorized advertising of private projects, products, or services will not be allowed.
    • 5.Unit content developers should be familiar with Chicago's Alternative Policing Strategy to ensure that the information is appropriate, as well as in a proper web-page format.
  • A.Sworn, district community policing officers and designated sworn members of non-district units assigned to maintain their unit homepage will:
    • 1.access the application through the Homepage Application at least once each month to ensure:
      • a.the information displayed on their homepage is current, correct, valid, and appropriate.
      • b.unit beat meetings and special events are entered in the application.
      • c.unit success stories are entered, as appropriate.
    • 2.request, via e-mail, to post information on the special services and unit crime alerts pages within the application with the following information:
      • a.requestor’s name,
      • b.unit,
      • information, and
      • d.information to be posted.
      Requests will be sent to:
    • 3.notify their sworn supervisor to approve any maintenance that has been performed within the application.
  • B.District community policing supervisors or designated non-district unit supervisors will:
    • 1.access the application upon notification that maintenance has been performed within the application to:
      • a.ensure the information is correct and valid prior to publishing the content.
        District community policing supervisors and designated non-district unit supervisors will have the ability to edit the information prior to approval.
      • b.reject any information that is inappropriate.
    • the unit homepage periodically to verify that published information is current, correct, valid, and appropriate.
V.Unit E-Mail
  • A.Formal e-mail requests for information, correspondence, complaints, and specific inquiries (e.g., requests from the alderman’s office, building associations, block clubs, citizens) received by a unit will be answered by the unit in the same manner as any current written correspondence received by that unit and will be approved by the unit commanding officer.
  • B.Informal information e-mail requests (e.g., beat meeting times, community alerts, special attentions, unit events) received by a unit may be answered by the unit and will not require unit commanding officer approval.
  • C.Members will strictly adhere to the policy and procedures delineated in the Department directives entitled, “Access to Computerized Data, Dissemination, and Retention of Computer Data” and “News Media Guidelines” when responding to formal or informal information e-mail requests.
  • D.Department members who receive e–mails which are of a criminal nature requiring immediate action (e.g., threats, reports of abuse, harassment) will immediately notify their sworn supervisor. The notified, sworn supervisor will:
    • a sworn Department member to conduct a preliminary investigation.
    • 2.determine the necessary case report to document the incident.
    • 3.ensure that proper notifications are made.
Jody P. Weis
Superintendent of Police
08–135 MAV[LBM]