Chicago Police DepartmentSpecial Order S09-08-04
Issue Date:11 January 2010Effective Date:12 January 2010
Index Category:Information Management
This directive:
  • A.introduces the CLEARpath CLEARmeeting Computer Application (CLEARmeeting).
  • B.delineates the procedures and responsibilities of Department members to host, create, and moderate CLEARmeeting.
II.General Information
  • A.CLEARmeeting is:
    • application which assists the Chicago Police Department and the public to host meetings online.
    • 2.only available to registered users of CLEARpath who are eighteen (18) years old or older.
  • B.CLEARmeeting will be:
    • 1.scheduled and hosted only by Department command staff members.
    • 2.monitored in real-time by a moderator chosen by the host of the meeting to approve or reject comments / material submitted by the participants.
  • C.Registered users of CLEARpath who request to be included in a scheduled meeting within the computer application will:
    • 1.receive an e-mail with the meeting details such as the topic and the time of the meeting.
    • 2.have the opportunity to log into the application fifteen (15) minutes prior to the meeting start time.
    • granted access to the meeting in the order they request access to the meeting.
  • D.Inappropriate material and/or submitted comments that are offensive, lewd, contain pornography, defamatory, violent, harassing, inappropriate, indecent, lascivious, obscene, profane, racist, unlawful, objectionable, or is not consistent with the mission of the Department will not be approved by the moderator and will not be viewable within the application by the meeting participants.
  • E.Participants who submit inappropriate material are subject to being banned from the meeting by the moderator. Participants banned from previous meetings may lose their privilege to participate in any future CLEARmeeting.
    The computer application will require a justification from the moderator to ban a participant from a meeting.
  • F.The CLEARmeeting has additional technological features which include:
    • 1.embedded videos;
    • 2.PowerPoint presentations;
    • 3.the ability of meeting participants to download documents.
  • G.Printable transcripts of the meeting will be available after the meeting has ended and will include:
    • 1.all approved comments from the meeting for view by the participants and the public.
    • 2.all approved and rejected comments, including participants banned by the moderator, for view by the Department member who hosted the meeting.
      Approved comments will be black in color. Rejected comments will be red in color. Banned participants will be purple in color.
  • H.Moderators will be sworn Department members, preferably an on-duty community policing supervisor.
    If a community policing supervisor is not available, a community policing officer is next in succession when choosing a moderator.
  • A.Department members approved to host meetings will:
    • 1.schedule meetings in CLEARmeeting, as appropriate.
    • 2.designate at least one (1) Department member as a moderator during each meeting.
    • the event a moderator is not available, moderate the meeting.
  • B.Department members selected to be moderators will:
    • and approve or reject the submitted comments by the participants of the meeting in real-time.
    • 2.ban participants who repeatedly submit inappropriate comments/material throughout the CLEARmeeting.
    • 3.prohibit users from participating in meetings that have been disruptive to previous CLEARmeeting.
    • a sworn Department member to conduct a preliminary investigation when submitted comments / material is criminal in nature and ensure the:
      • a.necessary case report to document the incident is completed.
      • b.proper notifications are made.
      If the moderator is not a supervisory member, the moderator will conduct the preliminary investigation, complete the necessary case report, and make the appropriate notifications.
Jody P. Weis
Superintendent of Police
09-112 MAV