Chicago Police DepartmentSpecial Order S03-11
Damage Claims Against the City
Issue Date:06 February 2003Effective Date:07 February 2003
Index Category:Field Operations
This directive outlines Department procedures regarding the filing of property damage claims against the City of Chicago that do not include allegations that the damage involves, or was caused by, Chicago Police Department members.
In those instances where Chicago Police Department members are alleged to be involved in an accidental property damage incident, members will refer to the Department Directive entitled "City Claims Notification Program" for the proper procedures to follow.
II.Responsibility of Department Members
  • A.All members will refer citizen inquiries relating to property damage claims against the City, other than those involving the Department of Police, to the City Clerk. The City Clerk will give or mail the claim forms to the citizen and will also advise him or her of the proper procedure to follow when filing a claim.
  • B.At certain times, claims registered with the City Clerks office and processed through the City Council, Claims and Liability Committee may be forwarded to the Department for the purpose of obtaining additional information concerning the claim.
    • 1.The General Counsel to the Superintendent will be responsible for coordinating such inquiries from the Claims and Liability Committee and forwarding them to commanding officers of units who can provide information relating to the claim.
    • 2.Unit commanding officers will investigate the circumstances surrounding these claims and forward investigative reports, pertinent documents, and any other relevant information to the General Counsel to the Superintendent without delay.
Authenticated by:
Terry G. Hillard
Superintendent of Police
03-020 KB(PMD)