Chicago Police DepartmentSpecial Order S03-13
Emergency Parking Permits
Issue Date:25 August 1987Effective Date:26 August 1987
Index Category:Field Operations
This directive:
  • A.sets forth the procedures established by the Department of Public Works for the issuance of Emergency Parking Permits.
  • B.describes the differences between Emergency Parking Permits which may be used in Tow-Away-Zones and those which may not be used in Tow-Away-Zones.
  • C.outlines enforcement procedures to be followed by Department members.
II.Issuance of Emergency Parking Permits
  • A.The Department of Public Works issues permits to utility companies and service agencies to authorize them to perform necessary services on public property. Organizations which are eligible to obtain Emergency Parking Permits include: Peoples Gas, Light, and Coke Company; Commonwealth Edison Company; Illinois Bell Telephone Company; the Department of Water and Sewers; the Bureau of Electricity; and various private contractors.
  • B.When a condition arises which requires work to be performed upon the public way, a permit may be obtained by the respective agency by applying at the Department of Public Works, Permit Division.
  • C.In the event that a condition requiring immediate repair arises during evening hours or on a weekend or a holiday, an emergency permit number may be obtained by contacting the Chicago Utility Alert Network. The emergency permit number is valid authorization only until a written permit can be obtained from the Department of Public Works. A written permit must be displayed at the work site by 1200 hours (noon) on the first business day following the issuance of the emergency permit number.
  • D.Emergency Parking Permits authorize the bearer to perform construction or repair work on or about the public way, and to park necessary construction equipment at the work site. Private vehicles (which include but are not limited to passenger vehicles, vans and three quarter ton trucks) belonging to workmen or supervisors are not considered necessary construction equipment, and are not covered by the Emergency Parking Permit. Such vehicles may not be parked in any restricted area.
  • A.Emergency Parking Permits of two types are issued by the Department of Public Works:
    • 1.Those which are valid at any location, including Tow-Away-Zones, and
    • 2.Those which are not valid in Tow-Away-Zones.
      Emergency Parking Permits which are not valid in Tow-Away-Zones are identified on the face of the permit by the words: "NOT VALID IN TOW-AWAY-ZONE." Permits which are valid in such zones bear no reference to Tow-Away Zones.
  • B.Emergency Parking Permits marked "NOT VALID IN TOW-AWAY-ZONES" will not be honored by Department members if displayed at a construction site located in a Tow-Away-Zone. Vehicles parked in a Tow-Away-Zone under a permit of this type are subject to regular enforcement procedures.
  • C.All other Emergency Parking Permits issued by the Department of Public Works allowing vehicles to be parked at a specific location within a Tow-Away-Zone will be honored by Department members, but only during those hours when necessary services are being performed.
IV.Enforcement Procedures
  • A.Police officers, upon observing any work being performed on an opening, excavation or construction affecting the use of any public way, will require the person performing the work to furnish a written permit or emergency permit or emergency permit number. If no permit or emergency number has been obtained, or if exhibition thereof is refused, the officer will cause the stoppage of any further work and inform the Office of Emergency Management and Communications of the situation. The dispatcher will relay the information to the Traffic Engineer, Department of Public Works.
  • B.Emergency Parking Permit numbers may be verified at any time through the Chicago Utility Alert Network, or by phoning the Department of Public Works, Monday through Friday, from 0830 to 1630 hours.
V.Illustration of an Emergency Parking Permit:
Authenticated by:
Fred Rice
Superintendent of Police
85-119 JGG (MP)