Chicago Police DepartmentEmployee Resource E06-02
Police Department Chaplains Unit
Issue Date:30 May 2014Effective Date:30 May 2014
Rescinds:26 July 1989 Version
Index Category:Personnel Support
This directive informs Department members that the Chaplains Unit within the office of the Superintendent is available to minister to the spiritual and moral needs of members and their families whenever such services are needed.
II.Chaplains Unit
  • A.Any active Department member or a member of his family who desires the services of a Department Chaplain may contact the chaplain's office; or through Crime Prevention and Information Center (CPIC).
  • B.The services of the Chaplains Unit include, but are not limited to:
    • 1.preventive programs for the purposes of supporting, encouraging and affirming Department members in their professional and family life. These include seminars on marriage and family life, retreats, scripture study, stress management, various classes at the Education and Training Division and other services that will enhance the well-being of Department members.
    • 2.pastoral care by providing chaplain services to members which include: hospital visitations, wakes, funerals and other appropriate religious services as well as providing confidential personal and family counseling and referral resources.
    • 3.crisis ministry in critical moments, e.g., whenever a police officer is injured or dies, particularly in the line of duty; incidents involving a police officers use of deadly force; domestic disturbances in police families; when a suicide occurs in a police family; and whenever requested.
  • C.A listing of the current department chaplains, their religious affiliation, and their contact information can be found in the Department Telephone Directory.
Garry F. McCarthy
Superintendent of Police
14-048 CMW