Chicago Police DepartmentUniform and Property U03-04
Unauthorized Persons in the Workplace
Issue Date:22 February 2012Effective Date:22 February 2012
Rescinds:Version dated 3 September 1999; D99-39
Index Category:Facilities
This directive outlines Department policy and procedures concerning the exclusion of unauthorized persons from the workplace and the maintenance of security in Department facilities.
  • A.Department members are responsible for maintaining the physical security of Department facilities.
  • B.Police facilities are public buildings and generally open to the public. However, public use of areas within police facilities, such as multi-purpose rooms, auditoriums, and meeting rooms must be limited to activities which have a legitimate and specific police purpose. Access to certain areas must be limited or restricted to ensure the security of the facility and its personnel
  • C.Relatives, dependents, and friends of Department members may make brief visits to Department facilities, but their access will be limited to public areas or areas designated by the exempt member.
  • D.Vendors or persons collecting for non-Department authorized charities will not be permitted into Department facilities. Non-Department members seeking to collect for charitable organizations must first contact the Special Activities Section. A signed letter must be obtained granting permission to collect for this charitable organization. This letter should be presented to the designated supervisor of the police facility where the event will take place. The designated supervisor will designate a specific location within the police facility for use.
  • E.Workplace is defined as any location in which a member is performing a Department authorized activity for which the member is receiving compensation in pay or compensatory time.
  • F.Department members must be constantly alert to the presence of persons whose purpose is not known or whose behavior is questionable.
    If the National Weather Service declares that an extreme weather condition exists, the City's Weather Center will contact the Fire Commissioner who will place either an Extreme Heat or Cold Emergency Plan into effect. As part of this plan, the Department will temporarily open its facilities to shelter normally unauthorized citizens in areas designated by the exempt member. The City of Chicago, Department of Family and Support Services, will then be called to provide the location of the nearest warming or cooling center and arrange for transportation.
  • A.Persons normally authorized to remain in Department facilities are limited to:
    • 1.Department members;
    • 2.persons under Department control;
    • enforcement officers;
    • 4.persons on visits or tours authorized by the exempt member;
    • 5.members of the media (who will have limited access).
      For further information, see the Department directive entitled, "News Media Guidelines" and the Department directive entitled, "News Media Credentials."
  • B.Department members in civilian dress will wear ID cards and comply with Department directives relative to identification requirements when in a police facility.
  • C.Department members who are responsible for dependents during working hours will have contingency plans for unanticipated situations.
  • D.Department members will:
    • completely familiar with the physical layout and contents of places and areas they use or control.
    • 2.ensure that only authorized persons are allowed access to restricted areas within a Department facility.
    • 3.frequently inspect areas under their use or control, being alert to the presence of objects foreign to the area.
    • 4.politely query all persons as to their presence or purpose.
    • 5.take necessary police action when the physical security of a Department facility is in jeopardy and make required notifications in conformance with current Department directives.
  • E.Civilian members will immediately request assistance from a sworn member and inform their supervisors of the situation when they observe unauthorized persons or suspicious objects.
  • F.The exempt member of a Department facility may initiate procedures deemed necessary to maintain the security of the facility in conformance with Department directives.
(Items indicated by italics/double underline were revised or added.)
Garry F. McCarthy
Superintendent of Police
99-051 / 00-97 / 12-003 EMC (ADK)/AJE(PMD)/SB