Chicago Police DepartmentUniform and Property U03-06
Audio / Visual Equipment and Reading Materials
Issue Date:23 May 1989Effective Date:24 May 1989
Index Category:Facilities
This directive restricts the use of non-Departmental materials in Department offices and vehicles.
II.Offices and Vehicles
Personal computers, typewriters, radios, televisions, amusement games / devices recorders / players (tape, disc, etc.) and other devices which are not Department property and publications which do not bear directly upon police operations, are prohibited in Department offices and vehicles. However, the operation of some units may require the use of such items by the Department members. In such cases, prior authorization for such use must be obtained from the unit commanding officer.
III.Canteens and Lounges
Canteens and lounges under Department control are maintained for the comfort and convenience of members. Personal computers, typewriters, radios, television, amusement games / devices recorders / players (tape, disc, etc.), will not be installed or used in these locations. During authorized rest periods or lunch periods, members may read magazines, books or newspapers in these facilities. This material, however, will not be left or maintained in the canteens or lounges. At the conclusion of rest periods, it will be removed or discarded in waste containers.
LeRoy Martin
Superintendent of Police
87-098AA (MER)