Chicago Police DepartmentSpecial Order S06-04-07
Juvenile Felony Review Pilot Program
Issue Date:15 May 2000Effective Date:15 May 2000
Index Category:Processing Persons
This directive informs Department members that the pilot program, mandating felony review by the Cook County State’s Attorney’s Office for certain juvenile felony offenses that fall under the jurisdiction of the Juvenile Court, will be expanded citywide effective 15 May 2000.
The Cook County State’s Attorney, Felony Review Office will be contacted for consultation and approval of the charges whenever a juvenile is arrested or a juvenile arrest warrant is sought for a:
  • A.violent felony involving the use of a firearm.
  • B.violent felony involving great bodily harm.
  • C.felony sex case.
  • A.Whenever a juvenile is arrested for a felony described in Item II, in addition to the procedures outlined in the Department directive entitled ”Processing of Juveniles and Minors Under Department Control,” the arresting officer will:
    • the appropriate area Detective Division to request that a detective be assigned, and follow the instructions of the Detective Division supervisor.
    • 2.notify the appropriate area Special Victims Section. During the 1st watch, Youth Investigations Section Headquarters will be notified.
      The arresting officer will contact area Special Victims Section to request the assignment of an investigator for the follow-up investigation of cases of physical and/or sexual abuse of a child under 18 years of age by a family or household member.
  • B.Any procedural questions that arise during the course of an investigation under the pilot program will be resolved through consultation between the Bureau of Patrol watch commander and the area Detective Division supervisor.
  • C.For cases in which the assistant state’s attorney and the watch commander disagree about the charges to be placed against a juvenile arrestee, the appropriate area deputy chief, Bureau of Patrol, or, in incidents involving detectives, the appropriate area commander, Detective Division will be called for consultation and a determination, as outlined in the Department directive entitled “Felony Review by Cook County State’s Attorney.”
Any problems or concerns regarding the pilot program should be reported via To-From-Subject report to the Chief, Detective Detective Division, Attention: Juvenile Felony Review Pilot Program Committee.
Terry G. Hillard
Superintendent of Police
00-051 MLS(PMD)[mwk]