Chicago Police DepartmentSpecial Order S11-05
Law Enforcement Agencies Data System (LEADS) Training and Recertification Program
Issue Date:26 April 2013Effective Date:26 April 2013
Rescinds:01 April 2005 Version
Index Category:Training
This directive:
  • A.informs members of the State of Illinois Law Enforcement Agencies Data System (LEADS) training and certification requirement.
  • B.establishes a LEADS training program and recertification process.
  • C.outlines members duties and responsibilities regarding LEADS certification.
  • D.informs members that all certified-LEADS users must renew their certification every two years by passing a renewal-proficiency examination through elearning training modules.
II.LEADS Training for Certification and Recertification
  • A.LEADS Training Certification and Recertification will consist of:
    • 1.LEADS Full Access Initial Certification.
      Full Access is 29 modules and is only required for certain units/job titles whose position requires full access to the LEADS system. A member must complete all 29 modules, 28 training modules and an exam, in order to be complete in the program. Completion of this training will provide certification for 2 years to the date, on successful completion of the exam.
    • 2.LEADS Full Access Recertification.
      Recertification is designed to provide Full Access users with the means to recertify for Full Access use of LEADS. If the user does not recertify before expiration of the Full Access Certification, by taking the recertification course, they are required to take the LEADS Full Access Initial training in its entirety again. Full Access Recertification consists of 4 parts: 3 modules and an exam.
    • 3.LEADS Less Than Full Access Initial Certification.
      Less Than Full Access 8-Part Initial Certification is required for all sworn. This program is the initial training required to access LEADS. It must be completed by new users as well as those who have expired in LEADS Less Than Full Access. This LEADS training program consists of 8 parts: Modules 1-7 and an exam. In order to obtain a certificate, users must be marked complete on all modules and pass the exam with a score of 80% or above. LEADS certification expires 2 years to the date of the last certification.
    • 4.LEADS Less Than Full Access Recertification.
      Once members have completed the Initial Certification, they only need to complete the 4-module recertification on a bi-annual basis, provided they recertify before expiration. If a members Initial Certification has expired, they are not eligible for the abbreviated recertification program. Instead, they must retake the 8-module Initial Certification over again.
  • B.Implementation of any required LEADS training or recertification will be announced via department email or AMC message, as appropriate.
  • C.Training sessions will consist of viewing LEADS training modules through the Department elearning system.
  • A.Except in cases when a Department member is on a medical absence, IOD, leave of absence, and so forth, all active, sworn members will participate in LEADS training and recertification through the Department elearning system.
    When a Department member returns to active duty status, they will comply with the LEADS certification requirements of this directive.
  • B.Exempt members may allow civilian members assigned to their command whose duties include performing LEADS tasks to become certified or recertified through the elearning LEADS training modules.
  • C.Unit commanding officers will ensure that:
    • the extent possible, every sworn and designated civilian member of their command receives LEADS training and maintains an active LEADS certification.
    • 2.members whose LEADS certificates are to expire within sixty days are identified and notified to renew their certification for the following two years by directing those members to participate in the elearning LEADS recertification training course.
      Unit Commanding Officers have access to LEADS participant reports through the elearning system to verify that members under their command have completed the examination with a passing score, have a current certification that is due to expire within sixty days, completed and failed the LEADS certification examination, or have not completed the LEADS certification examination.
    • 3.members that have failed the test are notified to retake the training course.
    • 4.adequate time is provided for members under their command to complete LEADS certification training during the members’ regularly scheduled tours of duty.
  • D.The Deputy Chief, Education and Training Division, will ensure that:
    • 1.the Education and Training Division has access to the elearning training system to maintain, update, and modify the LEADS training courses.
    • 2.LEADS training and certification is a component of the Chicago Police Department's Basic Recruit Training Program at The Education and Training Division.
      Members assigned to the Basic Recruit Training Program will be LEADS trained and certified using the elearning training module at the Education and Training Division.
  • E.The Director, Records Division, will serve as the liaison with the LEADS Board on matters of policy and certification.
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Garry F. McCarthy
Superintendent of Police
12-107 RWN