Chicago Police DepartmentUniform and Property U02-01
Department Vehicles
Issue Date:26 June 2019Effective Date:26 June 2019
Rescinds:27 May 1997 Version; 27 May 1997 Version of U02-01-06
Index Category:Department Vehicles
This directive:
  • A.continues the procedures governing the use of Department vehicles.
  • B.assigns responsibilities for the operation and maintenance of Department vehicles and related equipment.
  • C.sets forth Department policy regarding the use of seat safety belts in Department motor vehicles.
  • D.introduces the City of Chicago Merchants Fleet Program.
  • E.identifies the different types of vehicles used by the Department.
II.General Information
  • A.To ensure the safety of vehicle operators and the effective delivery of police service, it is imperative that all vehicles in the Department's fleet are maintained in good working condition. Unit commanding officers may rotate downed vehicles periodically in order to equalize the usage of vehicles in the unit.
  • B.Preventative maintenance programs are established Department of Fleet and Facilities Management-Fleet (2FM) to maximize the lifespan of Department vehicles and reduce the need of lengthy downtime for more serious repairs. Department vehicles will be taken for preventative maintenance as scheduled by 2FM-Fleet. Additionally, to further promote maintenance goals, members will maintain the cleanliness of any vehicle under their control.
  • C.A list of the authorized City of Chicago Department of Fleet and Facilities Management (2FM) Fueling, maintenance, and car wash locations will be posted no less than twice per year, by the Fleet Section, and any time changes or updates are introduced by 2FM.
III.Modifying, Installing, or Affixing Equipment or Markings Upon or Within Department Vehicles
  • A.To ensure passenger safety, maximum performance, and compliance with manufacturer and vendor warranties, the following actions require the written authorization of the Commanding Officer, General Support Division—Unit 161:
    • 1.Modifying or removing any existing equipment installed in or upon Department vehicles.
    • 2.Installing or affixing any equipment, accessories, or markings of any kind upon or within any Department vehicle.
      All requests will be initiated by an exempt rank member of the same Bureau to which the affected vehicle(s) is/are assigned. The request will be made in a To-From-Subject Report, directed to the Commanding Officer, General Support Division—Unit 161. The report will identify the specific vehicle(s) to be modified, a description of the modification being requested, a justification for the modification. Requests for markings to be added to any vehicle may require an example to be provided for review and approval. All markings to be included on a Department vehicle may require approval of 2FM and authorities within the Office of the Mayor.
  • B.Prior to approving any request, the Commanding Officer, General Support Division will consult with the appropriate authority from 2FM—Fleet, Information Services Division, Office of Emergency Management and Communications (OEMC), and/or other appropriate authority.
    • 1.If approved, the Commanding Officer, General Support Division will indicate approval in the provided line of the To-From-Subject Report and return a copy to the original requesting member, as notification of the approval.
    • 2.If denied, the Commanding Officer, General Support Division—Unit 161, will indicate by signing the approval line designated them on the report and note "DENIED" adjacent to the signature. A brief explanation of the denial may be provided in a separate report, directed to the requestor.
  • C.Approved requests will be forwarded to the Commanding Officer, Fleet Section. The Commanding Officer, Fleet Section will coordinate with 2FM-Fleet, ISD, OEMC or other appropriate authority to have the specified modification(s) completed.
  • D.Approved modifications to be completed by a unit of the Chicago Police Department will be scheduled for a time when the Commanding Officer, General Support Division or his/her designee can be present to oversee such modifications. In the event the modification will be completed by an authority other than the Chicago Police Department, it shall be accepted that the appropriate supervisor of the responsible authority will oversee the approved modifications. Any Department vehicle receiving a modification may be subject to inspection by 2FM—Fleet, prior to being returned for field use.
IV.Seat Safety Belts
  • A.Illinois Compiled Statutes, Chapter 625, Section 5/12-603.1 and the Municipal Code of Chicago, Chapter 9, Section 76-180 require that both the driver and passenger of a motor vehicle being operated upon a public way of this state or city be secured by seat safety belts.
  • B.Responsibilities
    • 1.Department members operating or occupying the front passenger seat of a Department motor vehicle in motion will wear properly adjusted and fastened seat safety belts.
    • 2.Command and supervisory personnel will ensure that corrective action is taken when incidents of non-compliance come to their attention.
    • 3.When addressing non-compliance issues, supervisors will be mindful of progressive discipline and all available corrective actions, including but not limited to, admonishments and formal discipline as outlined in the Department directive entitled "Complaint and Disciplinary Procedures" and related orders. Any admonishments will be noted in the Supervisor’s Management Log (CPD-11.455)
  • C.Exemptions
    The seat safety belt requirement shall not apply to the operator or passenger of a Department motor vehicle when:
    • 1.a driver or passenger frequently enters and leaves the vehicle and the speed between stops does not exceed 15 miles per hour.
    • 2.a driver or passenger possesses a written statement from a licensed physician attesting that such person is unable, for physical or medical reasons, to wear a seat safety belt.
    • 3.the vehicle is being driven in reverse.
    • 4.the vehicle is not required by state or Federal law to be equipped with seat safety belts.
    • 5.any extenuating circumstance will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.
V.Merchants Fleet Program
  • A.The City of Chicago Merchants Fleet Program program is a motor vehicle pool system for City of Chicago employees.
  • B.The Merchants Fleet Program system can be accessed online at
  • C.Key Merchants Fleet Program program features include:
    • 1.Online system access allowing for 24/7 vehicle reservations and scheduling.
    • 2.Wireless technology that permits drivers to gain access to vehicles using access cards.
    • 3.Online member help center to assist in account management or answer FAQ's.
  • D.Responsibilities
    • 1.The Commanding Officer, Fleet Section will:
      • responsible for the overall management of the Department's Merchants Fleet Program,
      • b.enroll approved members into the Merchants Fleet Program,
      • c.provide members with FlexFleet credentials and vehicle access cards, and
      • d.ensure authorized members are trained on the Merchants Fleet Program, including how to use the vehicle access card.
    • 2.Unit Commanding Officers will:
      • a.identify members under their command who are eligible to participate in the program.
      • b.submit a request for enrollment to the Commanding Officer, Fleet Section.
    • 3.Eligible members enrolled in the Merchants Fleet Program will follow all rules as outlined in the Merchants Fleet Program orientation process which, include but are not limited to:
      • a.Checking for vehicle damage before leaving for destination.
      • b.Taking all trash when you exit the vehicle at the completion of your trip.
      • c.Refueling the vehicle when the fuel level goes below 1/2 tank.
      • d.Not smoking in vehicles.
      • e.Returning the vehicle on time, or making proper notification of a delay.
      • f.Securing their assigned vehicle access card.
VI.Department Vehicle Identification and Unique Operation Standards
  • A.The Chicago Police Department utilizes a combination of City Owned, Leased, and Rented vehicles. These vehicles may have unique towing, maintenance and repair servicing procedures and locations, insurance coverages, and prohibitions during vehicle operation. Units assigned Leased and Rented vehicles will be provided with specific instructions regarding any such unique circumstances. Unit Commanding Officers will ensure that such information is made available to personnel operating such vehicles across all watches these vehicles are in operation. If for any reason such instructions are unavailable, the Fleet Section may be contacted directly Monday-Friday, 0600-1500hrs. After hours, CPIC may be contacted for instruction.
  • B.Department vehicles can be identified as City Owned, Leased, or Rented as follows:
    • 1.Department Owned vehicles are identified by a four-digit number prefaced by the letters "PD" e.g.—PD0000,
    • 2.Department Leased vehicles are identified by a three digit number prefaced by the letters "PD" and followed by the letter "L" e.g.—PD000L, and
    • 3.Department Rented vehicles are identified by a three digit number prefaced by the letters "PD", followed by the letter "R" e.g.—PD000R.
  • C.Unless a Department Leased or Rented vehicle is originally issued with any type of marking, decal, or aftermarket permanent or temporary lighting or sound emitting device, it is absolutely prohibited to apply, install, or otherwise utilize any such equipment upon the vehicle without the approval of the Commanding Officers, Fleet Section and General Support Division. Such applications also require the express approval of authorized 2FM representatives.
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Eddie T. Johnson
Superintendent of Police
15-167 MWK/RWN
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