Chicago Police DepartmentEmployee Resource E05-07
Detective Examination and Selection Procedures
Issue Date:15 October 2004Effective Date:15 October 2004
Index Category:Career Development
This directive informs members that:
  • A.applications from eligible applicants are being accepted for a selection process for appointment to Bureau of Investigative Services (BIS) Detective duty assignments in the Detective Division, including Violent Crimes, Property Crimes and Special Victims Unit (SVU).
  • B.this notice outlines the procedures to be followed in the application and selection process.
II.Minimum Eligibility Requirements
Applicants for this selection process must meet the following minimum eligibility requirements:
  • sworn members below the rank of sergeant and be in an active duty status or on an approved leave of absence.
  • B.have completed their Probationary Period plus served as a Career Service Police Officer with the City of Chicago for one (1) year
    Applications from personnel who do not meet these requirements will not be accepted.
III.Application Procedure
  • A.Application forms will be available and accepted only at the Education and Training Division.
    The member’s Department photo identification card must be presented by the member at the time of application.
    • 1.Completed application forms must be submitted in person. Incomplete applications or applications received later than the specified deadline, regardless of the reason, will not be processed.
      Proxy applications will be allowed under limited circumstances such as military duty. The applicant’s proxy must present a photocopy of the applicant’s Department photo identification card or valid Illinois driver’s license.
    • 2.A preliminary Reading List and the Candidate Preparation Guide for the BIS Detective selection process will be given to members at the time of application. The Candidate Preparation Guide will include instructions and practice test items for the Written Qualifying Test.
    • 3.Application forms will be available for pick-up and submission during the predetermined dates
  • B.The Examination Notice to Report for the Written Qualifying Test must be picked up in person at the Education and Training Division.
    • 1.The “Examination Notice to Report” will contain the date, location and assigned reporting time for the first component of the selection process. If this notice is not obtained by the determined date, the applicant must contact the Human Resources Division.
      On the day of the examination, the candidate must present the Examination Notice to Report and his or her Department photo identification card.
    • 2.Candidates will receive additional information regarding the recommended reading list that identifies whether specific subject matter must be recalled from memory or can be looked up in reference materials that will be provided during the Written Qualifying Test.
IV.Outline of the Selection Process
  • A.The BIS Detective selection process consists of three components:
    • 1.The Written Qualifying Test
      • a.This component will consist of test items based on knowledge required to perform BIS Detective assignments, including Violent Crimes, Property Crimes and Special Victims Unit (SVU). Some items will require recall of information from memory. Other items will be based upon reference material that will be provided during the examination. Other items will require applying knowledge in job-related situations.
      • b.The Written Qualifying Test is a pass / fail examination. Applicants who receive a passing score on the Written Qualifying Test will be eligible for consideration in the Merit Selection Process and will be eligible to take the Investigative Logic Test.
    • 2.The Investigative Logic Test
      • a.The Investigative Logic Test will be open only to those applicants who pass the Written Qualifying Test.
      • b.Applicants who receive a passing score on the Written Qualifying Test will be sent their Examination Notice to Report for the Investigative Logic Test with their test results via United States Postal Service delivery. Information describing the Merit Selection Process and preparation materials for the Investigative Logic Test will also be made available to applicants passing the Written Qualifying Test.
  • B.An applicant’s Investigative Logic Test score will determine the applicant’s rank on the Investigative Logic Test list. Where two or more applicants have the same score, rank will be determined by seniority. Where two or more applicants have the same score and seniority, rank will be determined by date of birth.
    • 1.The Merit Selection Process
    • 2.Applicants who pass the Written Qualifying Test will also be eligible to be considered in the Merit Selection Process. Commanders will nominate officers for consideration by the Merit Board, which will make recommendations to the Superintendent.
  • C.Appointments based on the Merit Selection Process will not exceed 20% of the appointments made from this selection process.
  • D.Selection Procedure and Waivers
    • 1.The Superintendent has the discretion to determine the number of BIS Detective positions to be filled and the timing of those appointments. For appointments made on the basis of Investigative Logic Test score, eligible applicants will be processed in rank order.
  • E.Applicants will have the option of waiving a BIS Detective appointment, in which case they will remain eligible for future appointments from this selection process, if any are made.
    • 1.At the time of appointment, applicants must be in a full duty status and must be able to perform the essential functions of the BIS Detective position to which they have accepted the appointment.
    • 2.Prior to appointment, applicants must successfully complete a drug screening test.
  • F.Applicants must successfully complete the BIS Detective training course to be appointed.
V.Communication with Applicants
The distribution of test scores is the responsibility of Ernst & Young, LLP. Inquiries regarding the aforementioned are not to be directed to the Chicago Police Department, Human Resources Division.
VI.Overtime Information
No overtime will be authorized for any applicant to participate in any portion of the selection process.
Philip J. Cline
Superintendent of Police
04-232 MAT/MES[PMD]