Chicago Police DepartmentEmployee Resource E05-20
Application for Explosives Technician I, Title Code 9158
Issue Date:11 February 2015Effective Date:11 February 2015
Rescinds:21 February 2012 Version
Index Category:Career Development
This directive:
  • A.informs Department members that internet applications for Explosives Technician I are being accepted until 06 March 2015 at 1500 hours.
  • B.delineates the duties, eligibility requirements, application procedures, reference materials, selection process, and training for the position of Explosives Technician I, title code 9158.
  • C.introduces the use of the internet application.
An Explosives Technician I will:
  • assigned to the Bomb Squad, Special Functions Division.
  • B.have the ability to perform all field functions.
  • C.respond to scenes and render safe and/or remove suspected improvised explosive devices, incendiary devices, explosives, explosive chemicals (as currently defined by the Bomb Data Center) pyrotechnics, and military ammunition.
  • D.provide for the legal, proper, and safe transportation, disposal, and/or storage of explosives and other items referred to in Item II-C of this directive.
  • E.conduct bomb threat and bomb crime scene preliminary investigations including the completion of in-depth investigative reports.
  • F.collect and preserve evidence.
  • G.provide courtroom testimony.
  •, maintain, and inventory bomb squad equipment.
  • I.provide technical support and assistance for other units in the Department.
  • J.provide protection for dignitaries in the form of “explosives detection sweeps” at the request of governmental agencies for local and visiting dignitaries.
  • K.prepare and participate in explosives-related training programs authorized by the Chicago Police Department.
  • L.maintain and be familiar with the technical library of Bomb Data Center publications and other explosives-related materials.
  • M.maintain professional liaison with state and local bomb squads, military Explosives Ordnance Disposal (EOD) units, federal agencies, and professional associations.
  • N.compile and report technical data on explosive devices and incidents.
  • O.assist in the development of agency emergency response plans for bomb threats, improvised explosive devices, and bomb detonation crime scenes.
  • P.develop and present bomb threat awareness and safety programs for public and private organizations.
  • found or recovered military ordnance to military units.
  • R.comply with all safety protocols as established by the FBI Bomb Data Center and the Chicago Police Department, including the use of safety equipment (bomb suits, x-ray units, self-contained breathing apparatus, robots, etc.).
  • S.operate in a hazardous materials environment with the proper equipment, including the use of Self Contained Breathing Apparatus, which necessitates the member to be clean shaven.
  • T.maintain physical fitness through regular exercise to perform the rigorous physical duties of an Explosives Technician I.
  • U.keep current with technological development so as to maintain proficiency in the use of computer hardware, software, digital photography, the internet, e-mail, PDA’s, and similar technology.
  • V.maintain proficiency in the use of all bomb squad equipment and procedures through daily training.
  • W.conduct research to be well-informed about relevant current trends.
  • X.perform other related duties as assigned.
  • Y.purchase and wear the prescribed uniform for Explosives Technician I.
  • Z.obtain and maintain the Illinois Department of Natural Resources explosives license.
By the close of the application period, members who are interested in applying must:
  • a sworn member below the rank of sergeant.
  • willing and able to perform the duties of an Explosives Technician I as outlined in Item II of this directive.
  • willing and able to work any watch assignment and change work hours in accordance with the provisions of the collective bargaining agreement between the City of Chicago and the Fraternal Order of Police.
  • D.have a minimum of three years of continuous service as a police officer with the Chicago Police Department.
  • E.have an acceptable disciplinary record. The candidate’s disciplinary record cannot reflect any sustained Complaint Register (C.R.) investigations for misconduct resulting in suspensions of more than seven (7) days during the preceding 12 month period; or a record of three (3) or more sustained C.R. investigations resulting in suspensions of any length of time within the past five years.
    Sustained C.R. investigations with findings of “No Disciplinary Action” will not be considered as sustained violations for purposes of this selection process. Candidates with pending grievances or Police Board cases concerning discipline will be allowed to apply for the position of Explosives Technician I. Such applications will be considered if the candidate's disciplinary record is modified or expunged as a result of the grievance or Police Board hearing so the member's disciplinary record meets the disciplinary standards set forth in this directive.
  • F.have an acceptable attendance record. The candidate's attendance record cannot reflect any unauthorized absences within the preceding 12 month period.
  • acceptable medical roll usage guidelines. If the candidate's medical roll usage reflects nine (9) or more medical incidents and/or 45 days or more on the medical roll within the preceding three (3) year period, absent exceptional circumstances, or demonstrates a pattern of medical roll abuse or misuse (i.e., the candidate goes on the medical roll when assigned to an involuntary detail; the medical roll use is linked to furlough, RDOs, or other time due to extend time off; or the candidate is found to have used the medical roll in an unauthorized manner or demonstrates other behaviors demonstrating medical roll misuse), the candidate will be disqualified.
    Medical time used in relation to approved FMLA leaves, ADA accommodations, or IOD injuries cannot be the basis for disqualification.
  • H.have satisfied all indebtedness to the City of Chicago.
  • willing to forego days off on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays, as required by operational needs.
  • willing to reschedule a furlough period if it conflicts with training.
  • K.have received performance ratings above the minimum rating score necessary to qualify for a step increase as defined in the Department directive entitled "Performance Evaluation System" for each of the last four evaluations.
  • L.purchase and maintain equipment and accessories unique to the assignment of an Explosives Technician I.
  • M.not have been previously removed for cause from assignment as an Explosives Technician I.
IV.Application Procedures
  • A.Candidates will:
    • the link, "Explosives Technician I" under "Job Openings;" and
    • 3.follow the procedures for submitting an application. A "Candidate Experience Click-by-Click Guide" is available on the Human Resource Division's intranet site to assist in submitting an application. To access the Guide, click on Bureau Sites, then click on Human Resources Division, then click on Career Development and Performance, and then click on "Candidate Experience Guide."
      Questions regarding completing a profile or application in Careers should be directed to the City of Chicago, Department of Human Resources, at 312-744-4976.
  • B.Candidates will:
    • 2.ensure the forms are properly completed; and
    • 3.return the properly completed original forms to the Human Resources Division (Unit 123), Career Development and Performance Management Section, by the close of the application period. Members will be disqualified from continuing in the selection process if completed original forms are not received by the Human Resources Division, Career Development and Performance Management Section, by the close of the application process.
  • C.Proxy applications will be allowed under limited circumstances such as military duty. To submit a proxy application, the candidate’s proxy will contact the Human Resources Division, Career Development and Performance Management Section, at 312-745-5225 before the close of the application period.
  • D.Members who have applied for the position of Explosives Technician I must be willing and able to perform the duties as outlined in Item II of this directive.
  • E.Members who have applied for the position of Explosives Technician I, and who meet the eligibility criteria as delineated in Item III of this directive, will be scheduled to participate in the Written MultiCraft Aptitude Test. These candidates will be notified of the date, time, and location to report for the MultiCraft Aptitude Test at a later date. Members who fail to appear for their assigned MultiCraft Aptitude Test date, time, and location will be disqualified and not be rescheduled.
V.Reference Material
The following list provides a suggested study guide for the Oral Interview portion of the selection process for the position of Explosives Technician I:
  • A.Department directive - "Bomb Incidents."
  • B.Education and Training Bulletins:
    • 1.Bomb - Part 1: The Threat;
    • 2.Bomb - Part 2: The Response; and
    • 3.Bomb - Part 3: The Suspicious Object.
  • C.Streaming Video:
    • 1.Bomb Threats and Suspicious Objects: The Threat;
    • 2.Bomb Threats and Suspicious Objects: The Response; and
    • 3.Bomb Threats and Suspicious Objects: The Suspicious Object.
  • D.Bomb Threats card (CPD-23.256 Rev. 2/05).
VI.Selection Process
  • A.Candidates meeting the eligibility criteria listed in Item III of this directive will be scheduled for the Written MultiCraft Aptitude Test.
  • B.The selection process will include participating in a Written MultiCraft Aptitude Test, Physical Agility/Performance Test, and an Oral Interview. Candidates scoring in the top 75 of all test takers on the Written MultiCraft Aptitude Test will proceed to the Physical Agility/Performance Test. Ties will be broken by seniority. Candidates who successfully complete the Physical Agility/Performance Test will proceed to the Oral Interview portion of the selection process. Qualified candidates will be notified by Department e-mail of the date, time, and location to report for each segment of the selection process.
  • C.Members who fail to appear for the assigned date, time, and location of any part of the selection process will be disqualified and not be rescheduled.
  • D.The MultiCraft Aptitude Test will be a written examination designed to evaluate the candidate's mechanical and electrical aptitude.
  • E. The Physical Agility/Performance Test will be scored on a pass/fail basis. The Physical Agility/Performance Test will be conducted while the candidate is wearing a Med Eng bomb suit and helmet weighing approximately 100 pounds. In addition, the candidate will be carrying several pieces of equipment.
  • F.All phases of the Physical Agility/Performance Test must be completed without the candidate falling or losing control of equipment within the allotted 15 minutes time limit. If the candidate falls, loses control of equipment, or does not complete the task within the 15 minute time limit, the candidate will be disqualified from continuing in the selection process.
  • G.The candidate will be required to:
    • 1.from the marked starting point, lie on his/her back and stand back up unassisted.
    • 2.walk along the track (approximately 150 feet) to a marked door.
    • 3.walk through the doorway into the stairwell and proceed up two flights of stairs, turn around, walk down the same stairs, and return to the doorway.
    • 4.exit the doorway, turn left, kneel on both knees, and pick up an x-ray generator and imaging panel. Stand up with the two items and proceed to a designated point as instructed by the proctor (approximately 15 feet).
    • 5.from a designated point, walk approximately 50 feet to a simulated improvised explosive device. Place the generator in front of the device and the imaging panel behind the device. Walk backwards to the original point and stand fast for 60 seconds.
    • 6.return to the simulated device after 60 seconds, retrieve the generator and imaging panel, and return to the starting point via the original route.
    • 7.get down on hands and knees and crawl through a confined space approximately 12 feet in length.
    • the items on the floor, kneel down, and manipulate hand tools.
  • H.Oral Interview
    • 1.Candidates who pass the Physical Agility/Performance Test will be scheduled for an Oral Interview.
    • 2.Candidates will be rated in the areas of:
      • a.relevant non-Department experience/training, certifications, military experience, etc. Candidates should bring copies of certifications and DD214, if relevant, for consideration.
      • b.relevant Department experience and assignments.
      • c.willingness to accept duties and responsibilities of an Explosives Technician I.
      • d.appearance and professionalism.
      • e.communication skills.
        Each panel member will be trained on City interview and consensus meeting procedures prior to conducting interviews and/or participating in consensus meetings.
    • 3.The Oral Interview will be conducted by a minimum of three individuals who have knowledge of the duties performed by an Explosives Technician I.
    • 4.Each panel member will independently determine whether the candidate demonstrates competency in each dimension of the job addressed in the interview by checking whether the candidate clearly demonstrates competency, demonstrates some aspects of competency, or does not demonstrate competency. Each panel member will independently provide an overall summary of the candidate based on the interview criteria and independently indicate whether he or she recommends the candidate for hire; recommends the candidate with some reservations; or does not recommend the candidate for hire. After all candidates have been interviewed, the panel and hiring manager will meet to conduct a consensus meeting. A representative from the Human Resources Division will attend the consensus meeting. At the consensus meeting, the panel members will discuss each candidate and reach a consensus on whether the candidate will be eligible for hire. Those candidates eligible for hire will be ranked and all selections for hire will be made based on the rankings.
  • I.Candidates will not be compensated for overtime when scheduled to report for any portion of the selection process during off-duty hours. The station supervisors / designated unit supervisors will excuse a member who has been scheduled for testing during duty hours provided that the station supervisors / designated unit supervisors were notified by the member at least 48 hours prior to the scheduled testing.
VII.Eligibility List
  • A.At the conclusion of the consensus meeting, the names of the 30 top rated candidates will be placed in rank order on the eligibility list.
  • B.As vacancies occur and operational and budgetary constraints permit, candidates will be selected to attend training. To qualify for training, the candidate must meet the U.S. Bomb Data Center Height to Weight standard and must pass the following examinations as required by the U.S. Bomb Data Center and the Chicago Police Department:
    • 1.Drug screen (required when attending a school of two weeks or more in duration).
    • 2.Medical examination including, but not limited to, blood pressure screening, hearing test, eye examination, and electrocardiogram (EKG).
    • 3.A psychological examination.
  • C.Candidates selected to participate in the Explosives Technician I training program have the option to waive participating in the training program by submitting a To-From-Subject report to the Deputy Chief, Special Functions Division, requesting a "Waiver of Eligibility." Candidates will remain eligible for participating in future Explosives Technician I training only for the duration of this list.
  • D.Management reserves the right to fill 20% of recognized vacancies at its discretion without regard to seniority or rank score provided that the position is filled by a candidate on the eligibility list.
  • E.The eligibility list may be stricken at any time at the discretion of the Department. Placement on the eligibility list is not a guarantee of appointment to the position for Explosives Technician I.
VIII.Training Program
  • A.The Department will determine whether and when to fill a vacancy. When vacancies occur, candidates will be selected by score and management discretion from the eligibility list to attend the training program as delineated in Item VII.
  • B.Candidates selected from the eligibility list must be admitted by the U.S. Bomb Data Center (USBDC) to the Hazardous Devices School (HDS) and must pass all federal standards set forth in the 240 hour (six weeks) training course sponsored by the FBI, conducted at the Redstone Arsenal, and located in Huntsville, Alabama. Prior to attending HDS, candidates must successfully complete a 40 hour CFD Hazardous Materials Operations (HAZMAT) course. Candidates who do not qualify for or successfully pass this course will be terminated from the program and returned to their district or unit of assignment.
    The candidate’s disciplinary record will be reviewed and a status check will be made for any indebtedness to the City at the time of application, prior to selection to begin training for appointment to the position of Explosives Technician I, and prior to appointment.
  • C.Upon successful completion of a 40 hour HAZMAT course and the six-week HDS training course, candidates will return to the Bomb Squad where they will be detailed for a thirty workday evaluation period prior to being appointed to the position of Explosives Technician I.
    If the evaluation period is interrupted for any reason, the evaluation period will be suspended until the member resumes the duties related to training and probation.
  • D.Assignment as an Explosives Technician I is contingent upon successful completion of all phases of the training program.
IX.Additional Conditions
  • A.All medical examinations conducted as part of the selection process or to maintain the position of Explosives Technician I will be performed by medical personnel paid for and contracted by the Chicago Police Department.
  • B.To maintain the position of Explosives Technician I, the following conditions apply:
    • 1.At all times, Explosives Technicians I must meet current Hazardous Devices School and Chicago Police Department standards established for the position.
    • 2.Every three years following successful completion of the six-week training course, each Explosives Technician I must attend a one-week recertification course conducted at the Redstone Arsenal located in Huntsville, Alabama. It is mandatory that the Explosives Technician I meet all deadlines and standards for admission to and receive a passing grade in the recertification course.
    • 3.Failure to apply for and receive recertification will result in the member being returned to the rank of Police Officer.
  • C.Selection to undergo a psychological screening or participate in the Chicago Fire Department HAZMAT Training Program does not constitute appointment to the position of Explosives Technician I and does not guarantee selection to attend Hazardous Devices School or appointment from the list to fill an Explosives Technician I vacancy.
  • D.At any time during the training program, if it becomes apparent to the Bomb Squad commanding officer, a unit supervisor, or an instructor that a member exhibits problematic behavioral traits, is physically or psychologically incapable of performing required duties, or fails training program testing, the supervisor or instructor will request the member be terminated from the training program. The request must document the reason(s) for termination from the training program and will be submitted through the supervisor's chain of command to the appropriate exempt commanding officer.
  • E.All assigned members of the Bomb Squad are required to demonstrate Bomb Squad proficiency on an annual basis. Failure to maintain proficiency will subject the member to removal from assignment to the Bomb Squad as an Explosives Technician I.
  • F.Members must remain in a full-duty status to be eligible for continued assignment as an Explosives Technician I.
  • G.Applicants cannot be approved for retirement at time of promotion. Department of Homeland Security, Hazard Devices School (HDS) requires a five (5) year commitment.
Garry F. McCarthy
Superintendent of Police
13-174 RDR