Chicago Police DepartmentEmployee Resource E05-21
Application for Explosives Technician II
Issue Date:21 February 2012Effective Date:21 February 2012
Rescinds:Version dated 17 February 2006; D06-05
Index Category:Career Development
This directive delineates the duties, eligibility requirements, application procedures, and selection process for assignment as an Explosives Technician II.
Explosives Technician II will:
  • assigned to the Bomb and Arson Division, Bureau of Detectives.
  • able to perform all field functions.
  • C.serve as an administrative aide and work leader.
  • D.respond to scenes and render safe and/or remove suspected improvised explosives and/or incendiary devices, explosive chemicals (as currently defined by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives), pyrotechnics, and military ammunition.
  • E.maintain liaison with other law enforcement agencies in the Chicago area and federal agencies such as the Department of Homeland Security (DHS); Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF); Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), and military agencies relative to current terrorist activities and bombings.
  • F.respond to emergency situations where explosives are suspected or implied.
  • G.perform law enforcement duties as required by one’s career service classification.
  • H.coordinate and conduct “explosive detection sweeps” for local and visiting dignitaries at the request of governmental agencies.
  • I.maintain, compile, and update reference material relative to explosives, dangerous materials, technological information, and bomb disposal techniques.
  • J.research equipment, supplies, and new techniques applicable to the Bomb Squad.
  • K.assist in obtaining grants available to the Bomb Squad by researching availability and following protocols established in grant application packages.
  • L.assist Explosives Technician III in the preparation of applications for specialized training.
  • M.operate, store, and maintain equipment utilized by the Bomb Squad including, but not limited to, the portable X-ray equipment, pan disrupter, bomb suit (with helmets), robots, various hand tools for hand entry methods, communications equipment, response vehicle, and explosive materials for blasting/disposal operations.
  • N.instruct Bomb and Arson Section members in the use of equipment listed in Item II-M.
  • O.ensure the maintenance of the Bomb Squad facilities including, but not limited to, the bunker, range, Homan Square, and airport through inspection and review of maintenance reports.
  • P.assist in preparing the Bomb and Arson Division budget by researching equipment and training costs.
  • Q.perform administrative functions including completing daily work schedules, training schedules, maintaining report files, and equipment and supply records.
  • R.present lectures to in-service training classes at the Education and Training Division and conduct roll call training sessions.
  • S.prepare and deliver presentations to other governmental agencies regarding bomb recognition and bomb threat procedures and speak before private industry and community organizations.
  • T.provide for the legal, proper, and safe transportation, disposal, and/or storage of explosives.
  • U.conduct bomb threat and bombing crime scene follow-up investigations including the completion of in-depth investigative reports.
  • V.collect and preserve evidence.
  • W.prepare for and provide courtroom testimony.
  • X.provide technical support for special operations.
  • Y.maintain and be familiar with the technical library of Bomb Data Center publications and other explosives-related materials.
  • Z.compile and report technical data on explosive devices and incidents.
  • AA.develop agency emergency response plans for bomb threats, actual improvised devices, and bombing crime scenes.
  • found or recovered military ordinance to military units.
  • AC.comply with all safety protocols as established by the FBI Bomb Data Center and the Chicago Police Department, including the use of safety equipment (bomb suits, x-ray units, self-contained breathing apparatus, and the like).
  • AD.perform other duties as directed by the Commander, Executive Officer, or Explosives Technician III of the Bomb and Arson Division.
By the close of the application period, a member who is interested in applying for a position as Explosives Technician II must:
  • A.have been assigned as an Explosives Technician I (Title Code 9158) for a minimum of five years.
  • currently certified by the Federal Bureau of Investigation Hazardous Devices School.
  • willing and able to perform the duties of an Explosives Technician II as enumerated in Section II of this directive.
  • D.not have been removed from the position of Explosives Technician I for just cause.
  • willing and able to work any watch assignment.
  • F.have satisfied all indebtedness to the City of Chicago by the close of the application period.
  • G.have received performance ratings above the minimum rating score necessary to qualify for a step increase as defined in the Department directive entitled “Performance Evaluation System” for each of their last four evaluations.
  • H.have an acceptable disciplinary record. The candidate’s disciplinary record will be reviewed at the close of the application period, prior to being detailed to Unit 603 for an evaluation period, and prior to appointment to the position of Police Officer Assigned as Explosives Technician II. The candidate’s disciplinary record cannot reflect any sustained Complaint Register (CR) numbers for misconduct resulting in a suspension for more than ten days or a record of three or more sustained CR numbers resulting in suspensions during the past five years.
    Sustained CR investigations with a penalty determination of “No Disciplinary Action” will not be counted as sustained violations for purposes of this selection process. A Candidate with pending grievances concerning discipline will be allowed to apply for the position of Explosives Technician II and his or her application will be considered if the candidates disciplinary record is modified or expunged as a result of a successful grievance such that the outcome of the grievance results in a disciplinary record that meets the disciplinary standards set forth in this directive.
IV.Application Procedures
  • A.The application can be obtained from the Department’s Intranet home page by selecting Bureau Sites, then selecting Bureau of Administration, and then selecting Human Resources Division. An Applicant will choose “Explosives Technician II Application” and enter his or her PC number and star number in the format requested. A confirmation page is displayed after the member has successfully registered and should be printed for the member’s record.
  • B.Candidates must complete the on-line resume.
V.Selection Process
  • A.Candidates meeting the eligibility criteria listed in Item III will be scheduled for a structured selection process, consisting of a written exercise and oral interview. The written exercise will be scored and the oral interview will be conducted by the Commander, Bomb and Arson Division; Explosives Technician III; and the Executive Officer of the Bomb and Arson Section, or their designees.
  • B.The process will be scored on a 100-point scale. The written exercise will account for 30 percent of the final score. The oral interview will account for 70 percent of the final score. Questions on the written exercise and oral interview are designed to measure the knowledge, skills, and abilities of the applicant in the areas of:
    • 1.the duties of an Explosives Technician I and activities of Bomb Squad operations.
    • 2.the candidate’s willingness and ability to assume duties of an Explosives Technician II.
    • 3.information contained in the candidate’s resume.
VI.Eligibility List
Candidates completing the selection process will be placed on an eligibility list in rank order by the member’s total score. Ties are resolved by seniority.
VII.Additional Conditions
  • A.Selected candidates must undergo and pass a completed physical examination arranged by the Human Resources Division, Bureau of Administration, prior to appointment to the position of Explosives Technician II, to ensure that there are no health conditions that would prevent the member from performing tasks which are integral to the position.
  • B.Selected candidates must undergo and pass a drug screen test prior to appointment to the position of Explosives Technician II.
  • C.Selected candidates will be assigned the duties of Explosives Technician II for a 60 work day probationary period.
    If the probationary period is interrupted for any reason, the probationary period will be suspended until the member resumes the duties related to Explosives Technician II. Upon successful completion of the probationary period, the selected candidate will be appointed to the position of Explosives Technician II.
  • D.If at any time during assignment as an Explosives Technician II, a member demonstrates a lack of knowledge, skills, or abilities necessary for the job; is unable to perform the duties of the position; or exhibits problematic behavior, the member will be subject to removal from the position of Explosives Technician II.
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Garry F. McCarthy
Superintendent of Police
06030 / 12-003 AMD(PMD)/JB