Chicago Police DepartmentSpecial Order S11-08
Computer Training
Issue Date:10 September 1998Effective Date:11 September 1998
Index Category:Training
This directive:
  • A.defines responsibilities concerning the development and implementation of computer training.
  • B.explains the process to be used by Department members to request computer training.
II.Roles and Responsibilities
  • A.The Education and Training Division will:
    • 1.maintain a level of operational and instructional proficiency with respect to all Department computer equipment and software by utilizing adjunct faculty members, if necessary.
    • 2.consult with the Public Safety Information Technology Group to determine the Department's computer training requirements.
    • 3.develop innovative and non-traditional forms of computer training for all Department members.
    • 4.include computer training in the recruit training curriculum.
    • 5.confer with external resources which offer specialized computer training.
    • 6.develop and provide Train the Trainer sessions for Department personnel on new technologies.
    • 7.develop a law curriculum educating members about current federal and state laws governing computer copyright laws, tampering regulations, exemptions from the Freedom of Information Act, and First Amendment rights.
    • and approve all computer related training programs conducted by Department personnel to ensure consistency and accuracy.
  • B.The Public Safety Information Technology Group will consult with the Education and Training Division:
    • ensure that complete and accurate user procedural manuals are written and distributed by the Education and Training Division to users of authorized computer systems.
    • assess the Department's computer training requirements.
III.Requesting Computer Training
  • A.Department members requesting computer training will:
    • 1.obtain a class schedule and an application form from the Computer Instruction Section of the Education and Training Division.
    • the Computer Instruction Section for verification of class availability, date and time.
    • 3.complete the application and obtain the unit commanders signature and approval. Forward the application via police mail to the Computer Instruction Section, Education and Training Division.
      A member whose duties are related to a specific computer training program will be given a priority for class scheduling.
    • 4.not be granted compensatory time for computer training during off-duty hours.
  • B.Unit commanders will ensure:
    • 1.contingent upon operational needs of the unit, that members whose duties require computer training and who are scheduled to receive this training during duty hours, will be excused from their regular assignments.
    • 2.roll call training, approved by the Education and Training Division, is conducted informing members about compliance with the contents of this directive.
Terry G. Hillard
Superintendent of Police
95-087 FRC/GHY (GHY)