Chicago Police DepartmentUniform and Property U01-05-01
Computer Replacement Program
Issue Date:01 May 2015Effective Date:01 May 2015
Rescinds:31 March 2007 version
Index Category:Department Equipment
This directive establishes:
  • A.the Computer Replacement Program.
  • B.procedures for the inventory, placement, and maintenance of all computer equipment managed through the Computer Replacement Program.
  • A.Unauthorized computers will not be stored, electrically connected, or network connected within any unit or any area controlled by a unit.
  • B.Equipment assigned to a unit and issued under the Computer Replacement Program will not be moved or transferred to other locations, including other locations within the assigned unit.
  • C.Units that receive 1505 funding are not eligible for computer equipment issued through the Computer Replacement Program.
  • D.Non-Department-related files are not to be stored in any way on departmental equipment.
  • E.Members will not make hardware modifications or attempt to repair, upgrade, or disassemble computer equipment in any way unless authorized.
  • F.Members will not store or install unlicensed software on any Departmental equipment.
  • G.No basic input/output system (BIOS) passwords will be configured to prevent access to operating system of workstation.
  • H.The use of any non-work-related media is prohibited.
III.General Information
  • A.Department personnel will properly maintain computer equipment issued during the Computer Replacement Program cycle and will ensure that the equipment is not damaged.
  • B.All hardware and software support requests will be directed to 4-DATA (312-744-3282).
  • A.The Deputy Chief,Technology and Records Group, Bureau of Support Services, will:
    • 1.inform unit commanding officers of the installation process to be carried out by the Information Services Division (ISD) relative to the Computer Replacement Program.
    • 2.ensure unit commanding officers are notified in a timely manner regarding the installation of computer equipment.
    • 3.ensure ISD personnel have unrestricted access to the entire site to perform site survey and installation.
    • 4.ensure the Commander, Inspections Division, is notified of units that are assigned computer equipment issued under the Computer Replacement Program agreement.
    • 5.ensure compliance audits are conducted relative to the Computer Replacement Program.
  • B.Upon notification from the Deputy Chief, Technology and Records Group, Bureau of Support Services, that computer equipment will be replaced, unit commanding officers will ensure that:
    • 1.all files are removed from existing computers prior to scheduled deployment.
    • 2.members assigned to their unit are informed that LPT/Parallel devices (printers) can no longer be supported.
    • 3.members from ISD are granted full access to all Department-issued computers that are in locked offices and/or storage closets.
    • 4.all storage areas and closets are searched for existing computer equipment which will be turned over to personnel from ISD prior to receiving computer equipment per the Computer Replacement Program.
    • issued through the Computer Replacement Program is affixed with red Chicago Police Department inventory tags and inventoried into the Chicago Public Safety Asset Management System.
    • equipment issued under the Computer Replacement Program is not:
      • a.placed on the floor (carpeted or not).
      • b.placed on chairs, printers, books, or any other unstable surface. The computer and monitor will be placed on a desk top or sturdy table.
      • c.adorned with stickers, post-it notes, or any other adhesives other than factory tags and/or Department-issued tags.
    • investigation is conducted relative to any missing equipment, including the completion of a case report and the initiation of a Complaint Register (CR) investigation, if appropriate.
(Items indicated by italics/double underline were revised or added.)
Garry F. McCarthy
Superintendent of Police
15-072 PJE