Chicago Police DepartmentEmployee Resource E05-03-02
Performance Ratings - Civilian Members Rating Period Ending 30 June
Issue Date:15 June 2011Effective Date:15 June 2011
Index Category:Career Development
This directive:
  • A.initiates the performance rating process for civilian members for the 01 January through 30 June rating period.
  • B.establishes a due date for completed evaluation forms.
  • C.provides guidelines for form completion.
II.Procedures and Guidelines
  • A.Unit commanding officers will refer to the Department directive entitled “Performance Ratings - Civilian Members” for specific guidelines.
  • B.The command staff member of the Human Resources Division, will forward to each unit commanding officer a control sheet containing the names of civilian members assigned to the unit. City of Chicago Civilian Performance Evaluation forms are available on the Human Resources Division intranet webpage by selecting the Career Development and Performance tab.
  • C.At the beginning of each rating period, the member's immediate supervisor is required to discuss the rating system and appropriate rating form with the member. The member will sign and date the rating form in the space provided to indicate that this discussion has taken place. This same form will be completed by the immediate supervisor at the end of the rating period. Questions regarding whether a member should be rated on the Supervisory Employee Rating Form may be directed to the Human Resources Division during normal business hours.
    The command staff member or designee will review and approve the rating form prior to the immediate supervisor finalizing the rating and discussing the rating with the member.
  • D.Nonsupervisory civilian members transferred to a new unit or who are newly hired after 01 January, but prior to 30 June, must be given the appropriate rating form at the beginning of the new assignment to sign and date for the next rating period. Any rating form signed earlier will be attached to the new rating form.
  • E.If a member was employed in or promoted to a supervisory position prior to 01 April, that employee will be rated on the Supervisory Employee Performance Evaluation Form. At the time of promotion or employment, the member must be given the Supervisory Employee Performance Evaluation to sign and date for the next rating period. If the member was promoted to a supervisory position after 01 April, the member will be rated on the previously signed evaluation form.
  • F.Completed Performance Ratings will be maintained in the unit of assignment or detail and not forwarded to the Human Resources Division.
  • G.Unit commanding officers will ensure that performance ratings for all civilian members are entered into CLEAR applications, Personnel Suite, Watch Information, in accordance with the Department directive entitled "Watch Personnel System", no later than the third Friday of August.
Garry F. McCarthy
Superintendent of Police
11-085 PMD