Chicago Police DepartmentSpecial Order S04-01-06
Online Case Reporting
Issue Date:07 December 2017Effective Date:07 December 2017
Rescinds:17 April 2015 Version
Index Category:Preliminary Investigations
This directive:
  • A.informs Department members of the Online Case Reporting system for public use.
  • B.explains the procedures and responsibilities of Department members in processing these online reports.
II.General Information and Procedures
  • A.Offender must be unknown in all incidents reported through Online Case Reporting.
  • B.The loss, theft, or turn-in of a firearm may NOT be reported via Online Case Reporting.
  • C.The application is available to the public at from the Chicago Police Department’s Online Reporting System.
The following incidents may be reported online if the offender is unknown:
  • A.Lost Property (except a firearm)
  • B.Lost Property - Passport
  • C.Theft Under $500 (except a firearm)
  • D.Theft Over $500 (except a firearm)
  • E.Retail Theft
  • F.Theft From Building
  • G.Theft - Pocket Picking
  • H.Theft - Purse Snatching
  • I.Theft - Labor or Services
  • J.Financial Identity Theft Under $300
  • K.Financial Identity Theft Over $300
  • L.Deceptive Practice - Credit Card Fraud
  • M.Deceptive Practice - Illegal Use of Cash Card
  • N.Deceptive Practice - Confidence Game
  • O.Criminal Damage to Property
  • P.Criminal Damage to Vehicle
  • Q.Criminal Trespass to Vehicle
  • R.Criminal Defacement
  • S.Other Offense - Harassment by Electronic Means
  • T.Other Offense - Harassment by Telephone
  • U.Other Offense - Telephone Threats
  • V.Simple Assault.
  • A.The Alternate Response Section will use beat numbers 9131-9139 when obtaining Records Division (RD) numbers for online reports and will:
    • 1.receive information for the reports via the online data collection system.
    • 2.determine the validity of the report.
    • 3.generate a Records Division (RD) number.
    • 4.send the reporting person the Records Division (RD) number via email.
  • B.The Bureau of Detectives will receive the report from the Alternate Response Section through standard procedures. Any report received by the Bureau of Detectives with reporting beats of 9131-9139 will have originated in the online reporting system.
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Authenticated by: KC
Eddie T. Johnson
Superintendent of Police
17-123 SB