Chicago Police DepartmentUniform and Property U06-02-08
Jacket - Leather
Issue Date:29 August 2019Effective Date:29 August 2019
Rescinds:U10.0103 and U10.0104
Index Category:Uniform and Equipment Specifications
    Short, waist-length style jacket, with bi-swing back. Plain leather collar. Four snap button front with storm closure and heavy duty zipper. Two breast pockets, sewn closed, shoulder straps and fully lined with knitted wristlets.
    Hoffmann-Stafford 2-1/2 oz. Top Grain Cowhide, Chrome Tanned Navy Blue #47. Nylon taffeta lining, 70 denier.
    • 1.Collar: Plain two-piece collar with same material on the inside and outside. The spread between tips will be approximately 3-1/2" and the measurement from the base of the collar to the edge will be 3-1/2". The collar will be single lockstitched 1/4" from the outer edge. The collar will be set into the body and facing, the seam will be plain and all stitching will be lockstitched and taped.
    • 2.Back: The back of the jacket will be two pieces with a center seam. The seam will be plain with single lockstitching and taped. The bottom hem will be turned under with sufficient material for alteration. The bottom stitching will be single lockstitched 1/4" from the edge.
    • 3.Front: The front closure will be a storm flap with four 36 ligne Waterbury snap buttons, spaced approximately 4-1/2" apart from the top collar button. The storm front zipper will be a #7 heavy-duty jacket zipper. The flap will measure 2-1/2" from the zipper tape to the outer edge (inside measurement). The waistband measurement will be 2-1/2" wide and have two navy blue snaps spaced 1-1/2" apart. The front and bottom edges will be single lockstitched 1/4" from the edge. The waistband will be shirred forward from the back seam (side) approximately 4" (expanded 6") and have two rows of single stitching placed in the center 1" apart, the front edge will be single lockstitched.
    • 4.Buttons: The four front buttons will be 36 ligne Waterbury snap buttons. The shoulder strap and pocket buttons will be 26 ligne Waterbury buttons.
    • 5.Zipper: The zipper will be a number 7 heavy-duty brass jacket zipper; the zipper to be set between the facing and lining, 3-1/2" from the bottom of the jacket.
    • 6.Lining: Full lining with 70 denier nylon taffeta, quilted over 1/8" thermofoam with a 1-1/2" diamond pattern. Armholes to be reinforced with leather for protection from wear.
    • 7.Facing: The facing will be 4" at the collar tapering to 2" at the waistband. The facing will be of the same leather.
    • 8.Sleeves: Fully lined sleeves with knitted wristlets. Hem turned under approximately 1". Wristlets to finish 1" above bottom of sleeve.
    • 9.Shoulder Strap: To be of same material as the jacket, to measure 2" at the sleeve seam and taper to a point, the width at the button setting will be 1-1/4". The strap will extend to the edge of the collar and be approximately 5-1/2" in length. Box stitching to measure 2-1/2" from sleeve and to be single lock stitched. One 26 ligne Waterbury button will be sunk through material and sewn to shoulder seam, the button will be centered and placed approximately 1/2" from tip.
    • 10.Pockets: Two outside breast pockets and centered with the star and nameplate patch. The pocket will have a center pleat 1-1/2" wide. The pocket's outer measurements will be 6" wide and 7" long. The pocket flap will have a modified scallop and will measure 2-1/2" on the outer edges and 2-3/4" in the center. One 26 ligne Waterbury button will be sunk through the flap and sewn down. The entire pocket will be completely sewn down making a false pocket. The bottom corners will be mitered. There will be two inside pockets to measure approximately 6" wide and 7" deep, to be positioned on the same plane with the second button from the top. The lining will be heavy-duty .250 pocket drill. Leather will be placed on the pocket edge and the back of the pocket at the top and be approximately 1-1/2" wide.
    • 11.Belt Hooks and Holders: Two brass belt hooks will be furnished and placed in leather belt hooks with metal eyelets. After placement, the belt hooks holders will be sewn closed, making the hooks permanent. The holders will be placed in the top of the waistband on the inside back of the jacket.
    • 12.Star Tab: To be cut from same material as the jacket, rectangular in shape 2" in length and 1" wide. Metal eyelets with the spacing between 7/8". To be centered on the left breast pocket and positioned approximately 8" down from the shoulder seam to the top of the patch.
    • 13.Gusset: Each side will have a gusset measuring 2" at the bottom of the waistband and approximately 3" at bottom of sleeve. The seam at the back will be raised and the front seam will be plain.
    • 14.Nameplate Tab: To be cut from same material; rectangular in shape approximately 2" long and 1/4" wide. The eyelet holes will be punched through the material and centered 1-5/8" apart. The patch will be positioned .on the same plane as the bottom edge of the star and centered with the pocket.
    • 15.Shoulder Patches: Specified patches will be sewn on the sleeves.
    • 16.Thread: To be colorfast.
    • 17.Sizing: All jackets should finish to the base of the trouser belt.
    All garments will be permanently labeled with the manufacturer country of origin, size, fiber content, and care instructions. The label will state that the garment is approved for use by Chicago Police Department members. The label will include the date of manufacture. No manufacturer or representative may suggest that a garment is an approved Chicago Police Department garment without prior inspection of a completed sample and written authorization of the Director, Research and Development Division, Chicago Police Department.
Eddie T. Johnson
Superintendent of Police
15-020 JJR