Chicago Police DepartmentEmployee Resource E04-01-05
Captain and Lieutenant Transfer and Assignment Procedures
Issue Date:28 December 2012Effective Date:28 December 2012
Rescinds:02 November 2010 Version
Index Category:Assignments and Details
This directive sets forth transfer and assignment procedures for captains and lieutenants, belonging to the Police Benevolent & Protective Association (PBPA).
The granting of requests for recognized vacancies, transfers, or the reassignment of members by administrative authority will be made consistent with the needs of the Department and the applicable provisions of the existing collective bargaining agreement.
III.Recognized Captain Vacancy
  • A.The primary job of a captain, including a captain (SES), will be to act as a district executive officer or field inspector.
  • B.In November of each year, the most senior captain may submit a Personnel Action Request (PAR) form to their commanding officer that identifies the captain’s least preferred watch assignment. During the watch assignment, the commanding officer shall assign the captain to a watch other than the watch identified in the PAR form.
  • C.A captain who is promoted to an exempt position and who is later removed from the exempt position shall have the right to return to the captain rank and shall be assigned to a vacant position customarily held by a captain. If no such position is available, the captain shall be assigned to a vacant position at the discretion of the Department with equivalent compensation and benefits.
IV.Recognized Lieutenant Vacancy
  • A.Each district will have three (3) bid positions.
  • B.If a district has any vacant bid positions, the Department will post recognized district bid positions quarterly on the first day of the first, fourth, seventh, and tenth police periods.
  • C.A lieutenant may bid on up to three (3) recognized biddable vacancies, in the order of preference, on a submitted PAR form.
  • D.The successful bidder for a recognized vacancy will:
    • 1.have the most seniority.
    • treated like any other successful bidder to a district bid position.
    • 3.not bid for another recognized vacancy for one (1) year, unless reassigned by the Department during that year except for just cause.
    • 4.not be reassigned for one (1) year, except for:
      • a.emergencies for the duration of the emergency,
      • b.for just cause, or
      • c.where the Superintendent determines that the lieutenant’s continued assignment would interfere with the effective operation of the unit.
  • E.The Department will fill a recognized vacancy within its discretion when there are no bidders.
  • F.A successful bidder who is removed from a unit many not re-bid to the unit for a period of one (1) year.
  • G.If the Department assigns or details a district bid lieutenant to a district other than the district of bid, the affected lieutenant will be compensated at the rate of time-and-one-half in quarter hour increments for the duration of the assignment or detail.
    This does NOT apply to lieutenants assigned to tactical lieutenants or lieutenants assigned as foot lieutenants in 001 and 018 districts.
V.Bureau of Internal Affairs
  • A.The Chief, Bureau of Internal Affairs will:
    • recognized vacancies in lieutenant positions within the Inspection Division for at least seven (7) business day. The posting will identify the required knowledge, skills, and abilities for successful performance in the position as established by the Department.
    • the documentation submitted by each lieutenant and will interview at least five (5) lieutenants who satisfy the minimum qualifications for successful performance in the position.
    • 3.evaluate the qualifications of each candidate interviewed and offer the position to the most qualified lieutenant.
  • B.A lieutenant must submit an application, resume, or other required documentation to the Chief, Bureau of Internal Affairs, by the posted deadline.
  • C.The Department’s offer to the lieutenant is subject to any internal and external review procedure applicable to such selection processes.
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Garry F. McCarthy
Superintendent of Police
12-003 RDR