Chicago Police DepartmentSpecial Order S06-01-05
Miscellaneous Detention Facility Topics
Issue Date:23 February 2012Effective Date:23 February 2012
Rescinds:Version dated 07 June 2002; G02-03-09
Index Category:Processing Persons
This directive states Department policy relative to temporary detention of arrestees for other government agencies and deceased arrestees.
II.Temporary Detention of Arrestees for Other Government Agencies.
  • A.Upon request of an officer or agent of another government agency who has produced satisfactory evidence of his authority, an arrestee will be detained in a Department detention facility. The officer or agent will continue to be responsible for the arrestee at all times when not in the Department detention facility.
  • B.Arrestees detained in a Department detention facility at the request of another government agency will be processed in the following manner:
    • 1.The name of the officer or agent, the government agency, and the address and telephone number where the officer or agent can be contacted while the arrestee is in Department custody will be included in the narrative portion of the Automated Arrest Application.
    • 2.The probable cause for the detention will also be included in the narrative portion of the Automated Arrest Application.
    • 3.The reasons for the detention will be indicated in the Offenses box of the Automated Arrest Application (i.e., Extradited for Murder, en route to Michigan), and the date and time of detention will be recorded
    • 4.The screening portion of the Automated Arrest Application will be completed.
    • 5.The arrest report will be retained at the unit of detention until the arrestee is transferred or released. When the arrestee is transferred or released from Department custody, the officer or agent who takes custody or authorizes release of the arrestee will sign all copies of the arrest report. The arrest report will then be distributed in accordance with the procedures outlined in the Department directive entitled "Arrest Report and Related Documents."
  • C.When a request is made at an airport or other transportation facility for temporary assistance, the Department unit at that location will provide assistance until departure. The detention facility at O'Hare International Airport will only be used to detain arrestees of other governmental agencies for periods of a short duration. If the time of departure is such that a district detention facility could be used, transportation of the arrestee to the detention facility will be arranged.
III.Deceased Arrestees
  • A.If a death occurs in a Department lockup facility, the lockup keeper will:
    • 1.immediately summon a Chicago Fire Department ambulance via 911 on the bell.
    • 2.notify the station supervisor.
    • 3.ensure that the physical scene of the death is not altered if it is apparent that the arrestee is deceased.
      Extreme care will be exercised to prevent postmortem injuries when an arrestee is released from a hanging position.
    • 4.notify the Office of the Medical Examiner and comply with all of the instructions received.
    • 5.provide the Medical Examiner's representative a listing of all arrestees and Department personnel in the lockup facility at the time of death.
    • 6.ensure that the normal processing of all other arrestees is not unnecessarily delayed (i.e., let to bond, sent to court).
    • 7.complete any required reports.
  • B.The station supervisor will ensure:
    • 1.ensure the lockup keeper performs all the duties listed in Item III-A.
    • 2.compliance with all procedures outlined in the Department directive entitled "Processing and Transportation of Deceased Persons."
    • 3.that all visible injuries which may have been caused by and/or actions taken in attempting to remove the deceased from the lockup are noted in the preliminary investigator's case report.
    • 4.that arrestees in the same or adjacent cell to the deceased are not let to bond until they can be interviewed by follow up investigative personnel.
    • 5.that all required notifications are made according to Department directives.
  • C.Following authorization for removal, squadrol personnel will:
    • 1.exercise caution in removing a deceased arrestee from a cell to ensure that the body is not subjected to additional postmortem injuries.
    • the body in a disposable disaster bag.
    • 3.use stretcher straps to secure the body on the stretcher prior to removing the deceased from the cell to prevent postmortem injuries to the body.
    • 4.transport the deceased arrestee as directed by a representative of the Medical Examiner's Office.
    • 5.comply with the applicable provisions of the Department directive entitled "Processing and Transportation of Deceased Persons."
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Authenticated by: RMJ
Garry F. McCarthy
Superintendent of Police
11-200 RDR