Chicago Police DepartmentSpecial Order S06-01-10
Placing Additional Charges on Inmates in Cook County Jail
Issue Date:15 November 2017Effective Date:15 November 2017
Rescinds:27 August 2002 Version
Index Category:Processing Persons
  • A.This directive describes procedures for processing an inmate in Cook County Jail who will be charged with a separate crime, either by the filing of a new criminal complaint or the serving of a criminal warrant, and:
    • 1.the inmate will not be taken out of the custody of the Cook County Department of Corrections (CCDOC).
    • 2.the investigation has been completed
    • felony charges will be placed, when those charges have been approved by an Assistant States Attorney (ASA) from Felony Review, as outlined in the Department directive titled "Felony Review by Cook County State's Attorney."
  • B.Satisfies CALEA Law Enforcement Standards chapter 74.
Only authorized Bureau of Detective (BOD) and Bureau of Organized Crime (BOC) personnel will be allowed to obtain additional charges for inmates in the custody of the Cook County Department of Corrections.
  • A.When it is determined that an inmate in the custody of the Cook County Department of Corrections will be charged with another crime, the investigating Department member seeking to add the charge will:
    • 1.prepare an Arrest Report and any other related paperwork necessary to complete the booking process, indicating in the narrative portion of the Arrest Report that the arrestee is in the custody of the CCDOC;
    • 2.present the Arrest Report to the on-duty 10th District station supervisor and watch operations lieutenant for review;
    • 3.prepare a Defendant Hold Notification form (CPD-23.186);
    • the Cook County Sheriff's Office Bureau of Intelligence and Investigations, to schedule a time to fingerprint and photograph the inmate to be charged;
    • 5.request an evidence technician to meet at the scheduled time for fingerprinting and photographs.
    • 6.inform Cook County Sheriff's Office Bureau of Intelligence and Investigations personnel of the additional charge and present them with the Defendant Hold Notification form and a copy of the Arrest Report;
    • 7.receive the completed fingerprint card from the evidence technician and hand-carry the fingerprint cards to the Field Services Section; and
    • 8.notify the 10th District station supervisor that the prisoner has been fingerprinted and the prints have been taken to the Field Services Section.
  • B.The responding evidence technician will:
    • the requesting investigating Department member at the pre-arranged time at Cook County Jail;
    • 2.fingerprint and photograph the inmate; and
    • 3.turn the completed fingerprint card over to the investigating Department member.
  • C.The on-duty 10th District station supervisor will review each arrest situation and ensure that all court-related documents, including the Arrest Report, complaints, criminal history record, and felony minute sheets, are processed expeditiously.
  • D.The 10th District 2nd watch district station supervisor will ensure that the court-related documents are hand-carried to the next Central Bond Court call.
    Members preparing the Court Complaint Transmittal Listing will record on the transmittal that the arrestee is in the custody of the CCDOC.
  • E.The on-duty 10th district watch operations lieutenant will:
    • 1.ensure the proper handling and processing of the arrestee consistent with this directive;
    • 2.ensure compliance with policy and procedures regarding arrestee processing and booking, in accordance with directive titled, "Watch Operations Lieutenant;"
    • 3.ensure that a Central Booking (CB) number is obtained; and
    • 4.notify the Field Services Section to expedite the processing of the fingerprints, once they are received.
Authenticated by: KC
Eddie T. Johnson
Superintendent of Police
17-081 MJC