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Forms Retention Schedule - CPD-11.717
Issue Date:08 March 2019Effective Date:08 March 2019
Index Category:Department Forms
  • 1.Department forms will be retained as indicated in this schedule. However, forms that are kept in a file that has a retention longer than the individual form will follow for the file retention schedule. The numbers listed within the retention column of this schedule are "Application Item Numbers" assigned by the Local Records Commission in the approved Application for Authority to Dispose of Local Records. These Item Numbers must be used in preparing the Records Disposal Certificate (CPD-31.409) before records can be destroyed (refer to the Department directive entitled "Records Management" for procedures). For forms listed in this schedule that do not carry an Application Item Number, contact the Forms Unit, Research and Development Division. The Forms Unit files an Application for Authority to Dispose of Local Records with the Local Records Commission in order to obtain Application Item Numbers for new forms only. If an originating unit finds a need to request a change in retention, it is the responsibility of the originating unit to contact the Local Records Commission in writing for approval.
  • 2.The requirements of this schedule apply primarily to original documents. When there are no retention instructions for carbon or machine copies of individual forms, the copies may be retained or destroyed at the discretion of the unit's commanding officer, provided that:
    • a.copies of forms are not kept longer than the originals, and
    • b.retention of copies does not result in requests for additional filing equipment and storage space.
  • 3.Unless otherwise specified, forms will be maintained in originating units. Forms which accumulate rapidly and which must be maintained for relatively long periods may be transferred to the Records Storage Center. Some of these forms are individually identified in the retention schedule; for example "2 years unit, 3 years Records Storage" means that the forms will be kept in the unit for 2 years, then transferred to the Records Storage Center and kept there for an additional 3 years. Application for Authority to Dispose of Local Records Item Numbers are also needed for the proper preparation of the Records Storage Label (CPD-31.601) to store records in the Records Storage Center. It remains the responsibility of the originating unit to obtain a Disposal Certificate for records stored in the Records Storage Center.
  • 4.The retention instruction ''File'' means that this form will be retained until the basic file is destroyed. Example: A Supplementary Report will be filed with the original case report and destroyed at the same time the case report file is destroyed.
  • 5.Any forms that are listed in this schedule, but are pending a retention decision from Illinois Archives, are listed as "Pending" in the ''Retention" column of the schedule. These forms should be held until the Illinois Archives reaches a decision and it is listed in the next Retention Schedule. Forms that are not retained, (i.e., form letters sent to citizens, certificates given to Department members, calendars, etc.), have retentions listed as "Does Not Apply."
  • 6.A computer-generated version of any Department form has the same retention period as the mass-printed version.
  • 7.If this schedule conflicts with a Department directive, procedures contained in the Department directive will be followed.

    Form numbers are generally assigned as indicated below:
Department Wide11.- - -Evidence and Recovered Property Section and Equipment and Supply Section 34.5 - -
Office of the Superintendent12.- - -Police Documents Section34.65 -
Research and Development Division15.- - -Reproduction and Graphic Arts34.7 - -
Bureau of Patrol21. - - -Bureau of Organized Crime41. - - -
Traffic Section22.- - -Inspections Division42. - - -
Bureau of Detectives23.- - -Narcotics Sections and Asset Forfeiture43. - - -
Youth Investigations Division24.- - -Bureau of Internal Affairs44. - - -
Records Division31.- - -Special Activities Section51. - - -
52. - - -
Alternate Reponse Section32.- - - Finance Division61. - - -
Forensic Services Division33.- - -Human Resources Division62. - - -
Auto Pound Section34.3 - -Education and Training Division63. - - -
Central Detention Section34.4 - -Information Services Division65. - - -